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Fatal Bicycle Accident in New York City Involved Uber Car

A terrible three car crash in Brooklyn claimed the life of a cyclist on July 13th. Eyewitness reports state that an out of control driver in an SUV hit the Uber car (carrying three passengers) before it careened off another car and into a bicyclist near the intersection of Fourth Avenue and Dean Street. This latest bicycle accident in New York demonstrates just how vulnerable riders are even when they obey all of the traffic laws.

Sightseeing Bus Accident in New York Leave Man in Critical Condition

A shocking bus accident in New York brought one Greenwich Village street to a standstill earlier this month. A man is recovering from life threatening injuries today after being struck and dragged down the street by a privately owned double decker sightseeing bus on July 3rd. The man, an unnamed 50-year old, was seen crossing the street at the intersection of Sixth Avenue and West 4th Street seconds before the double decker bus struck him. The victim was forced under the middle section of the bus and dragged for a short distance, screaming for help all the while.

False Imprisonment in New York City Results in $6 Million Award

A shocking case of false imprisonment in New York City cost a Brooklyn man two and a half decades of his life. Jonathan Fleming spent 25 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. In 1989, Fleming was tried for and convicted of shooting and killing a friend--primarily on the testimony of a single eye witness. He was sentenced to prison for that murder but never once stopped insisting on his innocence. The shocking truth is that there was undeniable proof (including a hotel receipt, vacation video, and eyewitness accounts) that placed him in an Orlando theme park at the time of the murder. Some of that proof was withheld from Fleming's defense attorney and was never produced in court.

New York City Playground Accidents on the Rise

According to official data from the comptroller's office, the number of playground accidents in New York is on the rise. With the summer months here, New York City playgrounds provide a readily available option for some fun in the sun, exercise, and family bonding time. However, some of the City playgrounds can prove dangerous for children.

Drowning isn't the Only Danger: Recreational Boating Accidents in New York City

There are plenty of opportunities to hit the waterways in and around New York City during the summer months. But boating can be hazardous. People can be injured in boating accidents in New York City without even getting wet.

Garbage Truck Accident in Brooklyn Kills Mother of Two

42-year old Alberta Bagu was killed last week while crossing the street near her Bushwick Brooklyn home. The victim of a hit and run truck accident in New York, Bagu is remembered as a kind and caring mother of two, a sister, a loving wife.

Important Supreme Court Ruling Affects Cases of Excessive Force in New York City

A recent Supreme Court ruling could have a dramatic effect on current and future lawsuits regarding excessive force in New York City. The ruling clearly states that the written standards regarding what force is warranted and what is considered excessive are the only delineator required. In short, the ruling shoots down the defense of officers who claim special circumstances warranted force above and beyond what is normally considered appropriate.

Man Dies in Drowning Accident in Long Island

Another drowning accident in Long Island puts New York on track for a records summer of fatalities. A sunny day at the beach turned tragic late last month when 48-year old Kerry Agosto slipped beneath the waves unnoticed and never surfaced again. Agosto had been spotted swimming by eye witnesses at Mastic Beach on Long Island but was later found floating lifelessly at the water's edge. When other swimmers saw his body bobbing in the surf, beachgoers attempted to rescue Agosto, pulling him from the water and performing CPR until rescue crews arrived. EMTs rushed Agosto to Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Center but he was declared dead on arrival.

The Number of Fatal Construction Accident in New York City Hits 7-Year High

For the better part of a decade the number of fatal construction accidents in New York City has been on the decline. While there are a number of factors that have played a role in this decline, many safety advocates like to point to stricter laws and regulations, increased inspections, and tougher sanctions for violators. However, in spite of all the additional oversight that construction sites are subjected to the number of fatal constructions accidents in New York City over the past 18 months has increased dramatically, hitting a 7-year high.

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