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90% of New York Schools Have Open Building Code Violations

In an exclusive report, the Daily News recently uncovered a shocking number building code violation in New York Schools. In fact, investigators discovered that 90% of all New York Schools have at least one open building code violation on file with the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB). That's over 9,600 violations citywide, some of could potentially be risks to student and staff health and safety.

Temporary Sidewalk Accidents: The Danger to Pedestrians During Construction

Temporary sidewalks are a common sight in New York at construction sites and in areas undergoing significant roadwork. These structures-covered or otherwise-are designed to protect passing pedestrians from hazards due to construction. These hazards can include automobile traffic, uneven walking surfaces, falling objects, and much more. However, temporary sidewalk accidents in New York can occur if the structures are improperly installed or improperly maintained.

Did Teacher of Burned Chemistry Student Ignore Federal Warning?

Earlier this month, a tragic school accident in a New York chemistry class left a young student with disfiguring burns to his face and torso. Investigators are still trying to get to the bottom of a terrible accident at the award-winning Beacon High School on New York's Upper West Side. The accident occurred in the school's chemistry class during what's commonly known as "the Rainbow Experiment." During the exhibition, the teacher use methanol as an accelerant to burn various chemicals producing a rainbow-like effect. Unfortunately, the experiment got out of hand and Alonzo Yanes, a sixteen-year old student (one of 30 in the classroom at the time) was severely burned. Another student's clothing caught fire as did portions of her hair but she escaped serious injury.

Skiing - Safe but Sometimes Dangerous Wintertime Recreation

Thousands of New Yorkers break out the skis when the snow falls but many underestimate the danger they're putting themselves in every time they step into their bindings. Statistics show there are, on average, 41 skiing fatalities per year (though 2011 saw 54). However, there are hundreds of moderate to severe skiing accidents in New York and across the country resulting in injuries requiring hospital visits and/or extensive treatment and recovery time.

Bronx Building Collapse Sends Two to the Hospital

Early on the morning of November 27, 2013, a dramatic partial building collapse in New York City sent two individuals to the hospital with severe injuries. The building, located at 2601 Westchester Ave. (which reportedly belonged to B&L Auto Repair), collapsed on top of a father and son as they were working inside the property. While the immediate cause of the collapse wasn't determined, officials suspect either a defective air compressor or weather-related stress placed on the structure.

Government Agencies Warn of Roof Collapse Due To Snow and Rain Buildup

Winter brings with it a lot of challenges in the Northeast-most of them dangerous to travelers and pedestrians during the icy months. While we're all cautious of snow-slicked streets and ice-covered sidewalks, one danger is sitting right above our heads. Roof collapses during the winter months are far more common than you may think.

Family Files Wrongful Death Suit After 37-Year Old Mother Dies in NYPD Custody

The police are facing yet another wrongful death lawsuit in New York City. In July of this year, a 37-year old mother died while in NYPD custody after-her family says-the police refused her medical assistance for at least seven hours. Kyam Livingston was taken into custody by NYPD for violating a specialized order of protection her grandmother had previously filed against her. The two women had gotten into a verbal argument and police were called. When they arrived, Livingston, who had been consuming alcohol, was taken to a holding cell after being escorted to a hospital to "treat" her intoxication.

Are NYPD Marijuana Arrests Racially Biased?

Are loopholes in 37-year old laws leading to an increase of false arrests in NYC? If so, are NYPD officers using racial profiling to artificially boost possession charges among minorities? According to at least one public advocacy group they are. The NYPD's own arrest records show that a disproportionate number of people from minority groups are jailed for relatively minor (misdemeanor) marijuana possession when compared to Caucasians. This disparity is even more shocking when you consider that data also shows young white men and women use marijuana at far higher rates than blacks or Latinos.

NYC Officials Warn of the Danger of Falling Snow and Ice

In addition to being the causal factor in many motor vehicle crashes, the presence of snow and ice is a major contributing factor to slip and fall accidents in New York City. Every winter slick spots on pedestrian walkways and building entryways can-in a second-cause irreparable damage and lifelong disability. However, the Department of Buildings warns that those aren't the only safety risks caused by inclement weather and dropping temperatures. Falling snow and ice can cause severe injuries and even kill pedestrians or cyclists within city limits.

New York City Construction Wall Collapse Injuries Three Pedestrians

A New York City construction accident at 561 Seventh Ave injured unsuspecting pedestrians on November first of this year. A construction wall collapse in Manhattan, near Times Square, sent three passersby to the hospital. Heavy debris fell on the three pedestrians, trapping them until good Samaritans were able to clear it and pull the victims from the wreckage.

Slip and Fall Accidents on Icy New York City Sidewalks

Winter storms can turn any New York City sidewalk into a sheet of ice or a slippery slush-coated slide. Regardless of how careful you are, slip and fall accidents do occur. Falling on an icy sidewalk can result in serious injuries, pain and suffering, and significant lost time from work.

Winter Time Dangers on New York Roadways

When winter hits, we're all conscious of snow and ice on the roadways, sidewalks, and stairways around the City. But did you know that snow and ice accumulation on automobiles is a major contributing factor to dangerous and even deadly motor vehicle accidents in New York every season? That's right, as the snow and ice buildup on our cars significant weight can accumulate if the debris isn't cleared. That buildup is an accident waiting to happen.

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