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Crane Accident in Manhattan Sends Worker to Hospital

A construction worker was injured at a jobsite in Manhattan earlier this month when he dove out of the way to avoid being struck by a crane. This latest crane accident in New York City has a relatively happy ending though-while the man was transported to a nearby hospital, his injuries don't appear to be life threatening and he is expected to make a full recovery.

Wind Topples Trees Highlighting Danger to Pedestrians

Strong winds in the region have toppled dozens of trees in New York City and surrounding neighborhoods. At least one individual was sent to the hospital after being struck by a falling tree limb in Long Island. The victim was driving along Arthur Hill Road at about 8 AM when a tree limb crashed down onto his car. The injured individual was taken to Staten Island University Hospital for treatment.

Rikers Island Inmate Sues After Being Slashed while in Custody

Corrections officers are duty-bound to protect the individuals in their care. While convicts can be denied "luxuries" as a routine part of their incarceration, they should not live in fear of their lives. 39-year-old Luziano Hinks has filed a lawsuit alleging that corrections officers failed to protect him from an inmate assault in New York City even after he pleaded to be transferred to a more secure facility.

NYPD Under Fire for Another Alleged Wrongful Arrest

In court documents filed recently, a Muslim woman claims that not only was she the victim of a wrongful arrest in New York City but that officers violated her civil rights by stripping her of her religious garb and refusing to give it back. 34-year-old Rabab Musa was handcuffed by NYPD officers and removed from a Starbucks location by uniformed NYPD officers, her court paper allege. She was transported to a holding cell, stripped searched, and stripped of her hijab-a "sign of modesty for women in the Islamic faith."

Falling Ice Accident in Manhattan Leaves Man with Head Trauma

This winter's abnormal weather has created a variety of hazards for New Yorkers to deal including ice falling from skyscrapers and multi-story buildings. The recent snow storm combined with the temperature fluctuations created the perfect conditions to create ice buildup on the rooves and facades of buildings in New York. And that buildup can be deadly. One man is counting his blessings this week after suffering minor head trauma in a falling ice accident in Manhattan.

Escalator Accident in New York's World Trade Center Oculus Claims Life of Young Woman

A day of shopping and sightseeing turned tragic for two young women from New Jersey early last week. 29-year old Jenny Santos and her twin sister were on their way home after a day in New York City when Santos tried to grab a hat her sister had lost. She lost her balance and fell over the escalator handrail. Eyewitnesses estimate she tumbled approximately 30-feet to the marble floor below.

Gap Could Cause Deadly Train Accident in New York City Experts Say

In an exclusive investigation, reporters from the Local ABC affiliate have uncovered a potentially deadly hazard. The fault-a 26-inch long gap in the rail line maintained by Conrail-has the potential to cause a massive derailment and chemical spill. The potentially deadly train accident in New York City may only be avoided if the fault is repaired right away.

Doorman Dies While Shoveling Snow in New York City

A bizarre icy sidewalk accident in New York City has claimed the life of a respected doorman on the Upper East Side. The doorman, 59-year-old Miguel Gonzales, was killed after slipping and falling on the snow-covered sidewalk outside the building in which he worked. Multiple reports state that Gonzales was shoveling snow in front of a building located at East 93rd Street when he slipped on the sidewalk and somehow ended up crashing through a plate glass window. Sheets of such glass can weigh several hundred pounds and have razor-like edges when the pane shatters.

Car Accident in Brooklyn Kills Off-Duty Cop

An off-duty NYPD officer was killed in a fiery car accident in Brooklyn earlier this month. 27-year old Bianca Bennett-an NYPD rookie-was killed when the Dodge Durango she was a passenger in ran off the roadway, flipped over several times, and then caught fire. The accident occurred around midnight at the intersection of City Island Road and Park Drive. Witnesses describe an explosion and fireball - a horrific scene unlike anything they had ever seen before.

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