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Worker Killed by Falling Debris at Construction Site

A deadly construction accident in New York City claimed the life of one worker and left another injured earlier this month at a jobsite in Manhattan. The two victims were part of a crew working at the West 57th Street site-future home to one of the tallest skyscrapers in the city-when a glass panel fell from several stories up. It's unclear whether the panel was being hoisted at the time but at least one media outlet reports that the panel was being shifted high above ground level at the time of the accident.

NYC Elevator Inspectors are Failing to Protect the Public

Turns out your risk for being in an elevator accident in New York City may be higher than you think. A new report issued by NYC's comptroller shows that city-paid elevator inspectors are failing to provide an adequate service-specifically, they're performing sub-par inspections and (in some cases) not inspecting lifts at all. This disturbing trend puts any one of us at risk of a serious-even potentially fatal-elevator accident in New York City.

Marine Officers Rescue 4 After Boating Accident in New York

A boating accident in New York could have ended in tragedy if not for the quick response of marine officers. The officers were called to assist a sinking boat off Long Island. When they arrived, they found the 19-foot craft underwater and several individuals floundering around the submerged hull. In the end, 4 victims were pulled from the sea and taken to shore. Making matters worse, all of the victims were in their fifties or older-making them more prone to hypothermia, shock, and other side effects of long term submergence in cold water.

Number of People Hurt in Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents in New York City is Rising

The number of people being hurt on by motorists on city streets is not decreasing-even as the city sinks hundreds of thousands of dollars into various "safety improvements" around NYC. In fact, new stats show that the number of bicycle and pedestrian accidents in New York is actually on the rise.

Queens Bicycle Accident Leads to Lawsuit

A man injured in a bicycle accident in Queens is suing the NYPD. The man was riding his bicycle along 43rd Avenue when an unmarked police car pulled up behind him. The officers in the car attempted to pull the man over but in the process the patrol car struck his bicycle and the man was thrown to the ground.

Crumbling Façade in Manhattan Injures Elderly Pedestrian

An elderly man suffered non-life-threatening injuries in an accident involving a crumbling façade in Manhattan earlier this month. The 72-year-old man was walking along the sidewalk near the intersection of First Avenue and East 57th Street on the Upper East Side on the afternoon of May 11th when several bricks broke free from the façade of the building located there. The bricks tumbled multiple stories, broke through a protective sidewalk shed put there to protect pedestrians, and

Apartment Fire in New York City Leaves Man Seriously burned

A terrible apartment fire in Queens left one man seriously burned and several others injured late last month. The blaze erupted in Long Island City just after 10PM in the first-floor apartment of a building located on 46th Avenue. Witnesses at the scene of the fire say they heard what sounded like an explosion and shortly thereafter began to see and smell smoke.

Bus Accident in New York City Leaves Dozens of Passengers Injured

A bus accident in New York City left over two dozen people injured on May 18th. Most of the injured were passengers and one of the bus drivers were hurt in the collision. The victims were riding in two separate buses through the Lincoln Tunnel when the buses collided with each other near the exit at Dyer Avenue and 40th Street. FDNY responders were on the scene within minutes and helped 32 injured individuals.

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