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Tragic Subway Accident in Manhattan Leaves MTA Maintenance Worker Dead

A fatal subway accident in Manhattan has claimed the life of a maintenance worker. The 23-year-old employee was involved in necessary clean-up on a stretch of subway track that runs under the intersection of Lexington Avenue and 125th Street early on the morning of March 20th when he apparently fell from on high, striking his head as he did so. Emergency responders were called immediately to the scene but they found the victim unresponsive on the ground with severe head trauma. He was declared dead shortly thereafter.

Latest School Bus Accident in Brooklyn Injures Several Children

A scary bus accident in Brooklyn left 31 people injured earlier this month when a school bus and automobile collided. Investigators say that the bus, which was loaded with an undisclosed number of children, and a car were involved in an "incident" at the corner of Rockaway Avenue and Eastern Parkway at around 1PM on March 20th.

Falling Tree Branch in New York Claims Life of Elderly Woman

An elderly woman was killed by a falling tree branch in New York earlier this month as she was cleaning up snow from this last round of winter weather to blow through. The 88-year old was shoveling in front of her home when a large branch broke free and fell on her. She was crushed to the ground. Eyewitnesses called first responders and they were on scene within minutes. While they were attempting to stabilize the victim, another tree branch came crashing down, narrowly missing rescue crews.

Elevator Accidents in New York City Likely to Become More Common

In the wake of several elevator accidents in New York City, safety advocates are worried that these malfunctions could become more common across the city. Thousands upon thousands of elevators in New York City's office buildings, apartments, retail stores, and subways continue to age while maintenance personnel continue to struggle with necessary inspections and repairs.

SoHo Apartment Accident Leads Investigators to Thousands of Defective Fire Escapes

A man was killed in an apartment accident in SoHo last month when a rusty fire escape step broke loose and fell seven stories to the ground. The step struck a gentleman below in the head and killed him. When investigators arrived at the building, they discovered that there were three more steps on the fire escape that were loose and very likely to fall in the near future. In this particular case, the fire escape had been inspected in 2013 and categorized as safe. According to one expert that inspection failed to note serious deficiencies and if completed properly, could likely have saved a life.

Woman Injured in Falling Tree Limb Accident in New York Files Lawsuit

A mother and her son were seriously injured in a falling tree limb accident in New York last year. The woman and her three children were strolling through Central Park when a rotten tree toppled over and came crashing down on them. It's estimated that the 75-foot-tall Elm weighed almost 3,000 pounds. The mother and her two-year old son were both crushed under the tree.

Dog Attack on New York City Street

A man was bitten by a pit bull last month in the East Village. The victim alleges that the dog attacked him while he was passing by. The owner alleges that the dog attacked because the victim trespassed. The dog's owner was asleep at the time of the attack and witnessed nothing. While this appears to be a classic case of "he said she said", this dog attack in New York case gets even more complicated.

Fatal Construction Accidents in New York City are Increasing

A new study found that the number of fatal construction accidents in New York City hit a 14-year high in 2016. After several years of stable (or even decreasing) numbers of deadly jobsite accidents in New York, the danger that workers find themselves in has exploded. Indeed, workers at jobsites across New York State die at much higher rates than almost anywhere else in the nation. With fatality rates 4.6 times higher in the construction compared to average jobs, it's clear that the industry does indeed need to rethink its commitment to safety and to examine what's causing this increase.

$45 Million Lawsuit Stems from Missing Stop Sign Accident in Queens

A missing stop sign accident in Queens left a 1-year-old boy with brain damage. That's what the infant's mother is claiming in the $45 million lawsuit she filed against New York City last month. Oddeth Davidson claims she was riding in an Uber with her young son when that car was "T-Boned" by another vehicle that blew through an intersection in Queens.

Fatal Bicycle Accident in Brooklyn Results in Criminal Charges

A teenager was killed in a fatal bicycle accident in Brooklyn late last month while riding in front of his home in Bedford-Stuyvesant. The 13-year-old victim was struck and killed by an oil delivery truck near Lewis Avenue. Rescuers arrived on scene within minutes of receiving multiple 911 calls but there was nothing they could do for the boy. His injuries were so severe that he was declared dead shortly after arriving at a nearby hospital.

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