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Failed NYPD Digital Outreach Program Shines Spotlight on Police Brutality

The NYPD is currently undergoing a social makeover of sorts with efforts on multiple fronts to address allegations of abuse, brutality, and unfavorable tactics. This all came to a head when the controversy surrounding the "stop and frisk" policy made headlines around the world. Since then New York's Finest have been under a social media magnifying glass. Mayor De Blasio is the driving force behind this clean up and has suspended "stop and frisk" but the specter of police brutality remains. It really wasn't surprising when a misguided attempt at social outreach through digital media played badly for the NYPD, focusing a worldwide spotlight on alleged police brutality in New York City.

CVS Roof Collapse in the Bronx Highlights Danger Shoppers Face Daily

In February of this year shoppers and employees alike at a CVS pharmacy were evacuated after heavy snow caused a roof collapse in the Bronx. Eyewitnesses report that just moments before portions of the ceiling were crumbling and falling inside the store. The building was so damaged it was declared unsalvageable and was later demolished.

Pedestrian Struck by Police Car in Manhattan

A 69-year old man was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries last month after being struck by a NYPD police cruiser on Manhattan's Upper West Side. The unnamed individual, who is reportedly homeless, was crossing Broadway between 77th and 78th streets when he was struck by a squad car driven by an officer who has yet to be identified by the NYPD. This type of pedestrian accident in New York isn't unheard of. In fact, just months ago two pedestrians were killed on Broadway near W. 96th Street while crossing the street.

Wrongful Imprisonment Lawsuit in New York Could Cost the City $25 Million

A false imprisonment lawsuit in New York City could cost the Big Apple $25 million-over $1 million for every year an innocent man spent behind bars. Derrick Deacon was locked up for a crime he didn't commit in 1989 after a trial that, new court documents allege, was orchestrated by officials behind the scenes. Deacon, who is now 58-years old, was arrested, tried, and convicted for a gang slaying in 1989 after several witnesses testified that they saw him running away from the crime scene. He spent 23 years behind bars before being able to convince a judge to consider all the evidence against him.

Bronx Pedestrian Accident Leaves Man in Critical Condition

A series of accidents in ended with one elderly man in jail and another in the hospital fighting for his life. The bizarre pedestrian accident in the Bronx occurred in broad daylight as a vehicle that had--just moments before--been involved in an auto accident struck an individual in the very same parking lot. The driver then proceeded to flee the scene but ended up striking yet another vehicle further down the street.

New York Fall From Scaffolding Claims Life of Construction Worker in Midtown

Rescue workers responded to a call concerning a fall from scaffolding in New York City on Wednesday, April 2 but arrived too late to save the life of a 40-year old man. The incident occurred at roughly 2PM at the Dream Hotel in Midtown Manhattan. The individual was working on a four-story scaffolding extending up to the building's eighth floor. The cause of the fall isn't clear but the construction worker fell four stories to a landing that circles the entire building.

Falls were Number One Killer of New York City Construction Workers in 2013

The New York City Buildings Acting Commissioner Thomas Fariello announced some excellent news last week. Deaths related to construction accidents in New York City fell by 62% in 2013. That's a massive proportional drop from the eight workers killed in 2012-especially considering the number of jobsite work permits increased over29% during that same time frame. While Mayor De Blasio's office cites the drop in deaths as a step in the right direction, it is clear that there is more work to do. While deaths are down, injuries and accidents overall are up. Indeed, the numbers show that total construction accidents increased by nearly 6% citywide.

Investigators Examine Inmate Death at Riker's Island

A report has surfaced claiming that corrections officers at Riker's Island neglected a 56-year old homeless man who died while in custody at the facility. Jerome Murdough, a mentally ill veteran, died while in a jail cell when the temperature in that cell climbed to at least 100 degrees. Murdough, who had been taken into custody for trespassing, basically "baked to death" (according to a statement obtained by the AP) in a shocking case of inmate abuse in New York's infamous prison. Murdough was on anti-psychotic and anti-seizure medication which may or may not have contributed to his death by making him more susceptible to the heat.

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