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New York School Bus Accident Sends Dozens of Students to Hospital

Dozens of children were injured in a terrifying school bus accident in New York earlier this month. The high-school-aged children were travelling in two separate buses along the Palisades Interstate Parkway just north of New York City on the afternoon of October 15th when the two buses collided with each other, tossing students and chaperones about the interiors.

Schedule for Sidewalk Repairs May Leave New Yorkers at Risk

Property owners are responsible for inspecting and maintaining the vast majority sidewalks in New York (since the city shifted liability in 2003). But the city itself may still be on the hook for a large number of injuries caused by sidewalk accidents in New York. That's because the New York is still liable for repairing and maintaining sidewalks adjacent to public buildings, green spaces (such as parks or city office buildings) and multiple dwelling less than four families.

Sidewalk Slip and Fall Accidents in New York

Slip and fall accidents on New York City sidewalks can cause devastating injuries which result in thousands of dollars in medical expenses and lost wages. There are over 12,000 miles of sidewalk in New York City. And these stretches of pavement take a beating. The harsh East Coast winters, foot traffic, tree roots, and runoff can all create cracks, uneven surfaces, and other trip hazards-a grade difference as small as one-half an inch is enough to cause an accident.

Improper Safety Gear Contributed to Fatal Construction Accident in Manhattan

The hardworking individuals who build our vertical city put their lives on the line every day high above city streets. That's a fact that one family learned the hard way last month when the owner of a glass installation company fell 47 stories to his death in a tragic construction accident in Manhattan.

1/3 of Fatal Construction Accidents in New York City Weren't Officially Counted

An investigative journalist writing for Crain's New York Business has uncovered a major loophole in how construction accidents in New York City are officially recorded. The investigation tracked accidents that occurred in New York City during 2015. By comparing the actual number of fatalities to those listed in official Department of Buildings' reports, the journalist discovered a shocking difference. The conclusion of the report was that a third (33%) of fatal construction accidents went unreported.

Authorities Fail to Fix Ceiling Collapse in New York City Public Housing

A Bronx family says they lived in fear for weeks after a ceiling collapse in New York City public housing-bathing with one eye on the ragged hole above them. The Alequin family told reporters that the bathroom ceiling in their Bronx apartment collapsed-right on top of a family member-after several months of black mold buildup.

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