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A Truck Accident in Brooklyn Leaves Cyclist Dead

A fatal truck accident in Brooklyn earlier this month has left a bicyclist dead. The hit and run accident happened late on the night of December 14th. The cyclist was traveling eastbound down Pitkin Avenue in a bike lane when a delivery truck failed to yield while making a right turn. The truck struck the cyclists, dragging the man for several feet, and then drove away as if nothing had happened.

Who is Responsible for Removing Snow and Ice on the Sidewalk in New York City?

It's no secret that snow and ice can turn New York City sidewalks into dangerous hazards for pedestrians. Slips and falls on snow and ice covered sidewalks in New York send hundreds of victims to local emergency rooms every year. While the most common injuries from snow and ice covered sidewalks are bruises, victims do suffer broken bones, head trauma, or worse.

Apartment Fire in Williamsburg Caused by "Modified" Electric Scooter

A devastating apartment fire in Brooklyn late last month has been ruled accidental but investigators did discover the blaze was caused by an aftermarket modification made to an electric scooter owned by one of the residents. The fire broke out on the thirteenth floor of the Flushing Avenue apartment building on November 28th just after 4:30 in the afternoon. FDNY crews arrived to find the personal electric vehicle fully engulfed and flames spreading to the surrounding walls in a public hallway in the apartment building.

Demolition Accident at New York Jobsite Leaves Workers Unscathed

A team of construction workers narrowly avoided injury earlier this month when a demolition accident in Manhattan sent a large portion of wall tumbling to the ground. The accident happened at a jobsite inside a five-story building in lower Manhattan around noon. FDNY responders rushed to the scene but thankfully none of the workers onsite reported any serious injuries.

Apartment Accident in the Bronx Forces Evacuation

A shocking apartment accident in the Bronx has forced the evacuation of 49 residential units in a complex in the Claremont neighborhood along Findlay Avenue. Late on the evening of Monday, November 26th a massive section of retaining wall-estimated to be up to 20 feet wide and 18 feet high-collapsed, compromising the support of structure of the building directly in front of the retaining wall. The building was evacuated quickly as first responders warned that the collapse could have undermined the structural stability of the apartment building.

Staircase Accidents in New York City Still More Dangerous than Malfunctioning Elevators

Elevator accidents in New York City generate a lot of news because they're tragic and they tap into the innate fear that many of us have of being trapped and helpless in a little box. But that fear has actually magnified these types of accidents in our collective consciousness to unreasonable proportions. Indeed, when compared to the number of staircase accidents in New York City, the risk of being hurt or killed in an elevator is almost miniscule.

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