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Falling Objects at Jobsites in New York Continue to Threaten Workers

According to national statistics falling objects at construction sites injured almost 16,000 workers around the country in 2014. Nearly 100 more were killed after being struck by objects, debris, tools, and building materials.

Pedestrian Accident in Brooklyn Leaves Several People Injured

A car crash in Flatbush left several people seriously injured earlier this month. Police reports show that three cars collided at an intersection near Farragut Road. The force of the collision drove at least one of the vehicles onto the sidewalk. At least four pedestrians were injured (two critically). The preliminary investigation showed that one of the drivers involved in this pedestrian accident in New York City was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated.

Store Employee killed in Elevator Accident in Brooklyn

A tragic elevator accident in Brooklyn has claimed the life of an employee at a grocery store in Flatbush. The 62-year old man was operating a freight elevator while on the basement level when a malfunction occurred. The elevator plummeted down the shaft and crushed him. Rescue crews were able to extricate the victim and rushed him to a nearby hospital but he succumbed to his injuries.

Is Your Landlord's Disregard Liable to Cause an Apartment Complex Accident?

Bad landlords should be held responsible for any apartment complex accident in New York City that their negligence contributes to. The law requires that these individuals and corporations maintain reasonably safe and secure housing for every resident. However, as The New York City Public Advocate's Worst Landlord Watch List indicates, many of these poor landlords allow repeated safety violations to occur; let buildings fall into disrepair, and fail to respond to complaints about potential hazards in a timely fashion.

Pilot Program Aims to Reduce the Number of Bicycle Accidents in New York City

The number of bicycle accident s in New York City is on the rise even as the city spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on safety improvements in order to decrease the number of traffic fatalities in all Five Boroughs. However, to alleviate that danger a new policy has been instituted allowing bicyclists to ride through walk signals at intersections.

Vicious Dog Attack in the Bronx Leaves Woman without Ear

A dog attack in New York City has left a Bronx woman permanently disfigured. The woman was protecting a group of children from the dog, which had lunged at the kids while they played in a neighborhood playground. Witnesses say the 53-year old woman stepped between her two grandchildren and the pit bull seconds before she was viciously bitten. The dog's owner-who was not at the playground at the time of the attack-arrived on the scene while the animal was mauling the poor grandmother. He was able to pull the animal off her but the damage had already been done.

Deadly On the Job Accident in New York City Caused by Faulty Safety Railing

An investigation into the death of an MTA maintenance employee has uncovered that his deadly on the job accident in New York City was likely caused by a faulty safety railing. The 23-year-old MTA worker was charged with removing debris from a subway tunnel in East Harlem on March 20th. He was working on a platform above an underground void in the subway tunnel system when the wooden safety railing on that platform broke free.

Distracted Driving Contributes to Massive Increase in Pedestrian Accidents in New York City

A nationwide study has uncovered that distractions (including cellphones) contributed to a massive increase in pedestrian accident in New York City and elsewhere around the country. The study's authors found that in 2016, distractions directly contributed to an 11% increase in the number of people struck by cars, trucks, bicycles, and other forms of transportation here in NYC. Shockingly, this increase comes on top of the hundreds of thousands of dollars the city has sunk into pedestrian safety measures such as slow zones, redesigned crosswalks, dedicated bike lanes, and re-timed crossing signals.

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