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Is the NYPD Targeting Minorities in Corona Crackdowns?

Social distancing guidelines were put in place to protect everyone in NYC during this unprecedented pandemic but a watchdog report shows that those guidelines are likely not being enforced universally. Indeed, data shows that the NYPD has focused more aggressive forms of enforcement in communities that are predominantly inhabited by minorities. Advocates on the lookout for Civil Rights violations in New York City say the disparity was highlighted in two incidents on the same weekend when NYPD officers handed out masks to individuals in parks in a predominantly white neighborhood while at the same time other officers were enforcing the same mask and social distancing orders much more aggressively in a predominantly black neighborhood.

Bicycle Accident in Manhattan Claims Life of Elderly Woman

A fatal bicycle accident in New York City claimed the life of an elderly woman earlier this month. The woman (who was reportedly in her seventies) was struck by an SUV on a stretch of East 14th street in Manhattan as the vehicle attempted to back into a parking space. The woman was alive but seriously injured and was rushed to nearby Bellevue Hospital but her injuries were too severe to overcome. She was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

Disproportionate Coronavirus Enforcement Hints at Civil Rights Violations in New York City

Several watchdog groups have suggested that the NYPD's enforcement of coronavirus lockdown measures has been tinged (if not motivated) by racial disparity and perhaps even racial profiling. Now, new data shows that-intentionally or not-minorities such as the black and Hispanic communities in New York have suffered the most. Could this point to a significant outbreak of Civil Rights violations in New York City?

Commercial Truck Accident in New York City Leaves Road Closed for Hours

A commercial truck accident in New York City late last month left a section of the BQE closed for hours while FDNY struggled to put out a massive blaze and then clean up the mess left behind. Reports state that around 3:30 on the morning of April 27th a box truck that was traveling east on the Brooklyn Queen Expressway unexpected flipped over on its side near Cadman Plaza West in Brooklyn. The truck immediately caught fire, belching clouds of thick toxic smoke into the air and bringing traffic along the Eastbound section of the BQE to a standstill.

Deadly Bus Accident in New York City Leaves Cyclist Dead

A man was killed late last month when he was struck by an MTA bus while riding his bicycle in Brooklyn. The deadly bus accident in New York City happened on April 29th at around 4:30 in the afternoon in the northbound lane of Rogers Avenue in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn. Reports from the scene state that the cyclist-a delivery rider-was struck while making a left turn onto Clarendon Road.

Advocates Investigating Civil Rights Violations in NYC Prisons in Response to Health Crisis

Is New York City facing a Civil Rights crisis caused by the Coronavirus? "Aggregate communities" like those individuals who are hospitalized or in long-term care facilities have been hit the hardest by the health crisis of 2020 but another population-those incarcerated in NYC prisons-have also suffered due to cramped conditions and the inability to effectively distance themselves from potentially sick individuals.

New Plan for Intersections Could Reduce Specific Pedestrian Accidents in New York City

Left-turn pedestrian accidents in New York City are among the most common types of pedestrian/car collisions in the city. Nationwide, they represent a full third (33%) of all pedestrian accidents at intersections. These types of crashes occur when a car is turning left or right at an intersection while a pedestrian is crossing the street. A number of factors make it difficult for drivers to see people in crosswalks. These contributory factors include the presence of other automobiles at the intersection, multiple lanes of traffic, and traffic light/crosswalk signal timing.

Study Suggests Many Police Officers Believe "Excessive" Force is Okay in Some Instances

An interesting study published by researchers at the State University of New York College at Buffalo looked at the perception of the necessity of force and whether or not it was morally just. Respondents included multiple individuals from within the state's law enforcement system. The findings were a bit shocking and speak deeply to the culture of excessive force in New York City.

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