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Fatal Pedestrian Accident in Morningside Heights Leads to Arrest and Criminal Charges

The careless driver who caused a fatal pedestrian accident in New York City earlier this year is now in police custody. This all stems from a pedestrian accident in which a man was killed while crossing the street in Morningside Heights nearly three months ago. The NYPD has now arrested a 24-year-old man and charged him with multiple crimes.

Civil Right Cases in New York City Result in Nearly $54 Million Paid to Victims

A new website which tracks all the civil right lawsuits in New York City against the NYPD highlights not only the shocking number of cases filed against the city but the staggering amount of money it has paid out to victims in settlements over the recent past. Indeed, CAPstat has collected data from over 2,300 civil rights cases against the NYPD since 2007. That's an average of more than 300 cases per year brought against the agency and officers who are supposed to protect and serve the residents of New York.

Well-Known NYC Cyclist Killed in Fatal Bicycle Accident in Long Island

A fatal bicycle accident in Long Island claimed the life of an avid 66-year-old bicyclist. David Schlichting was struck by a dark-colored minivan while taking a morning riding along the South Service Road near the Long Island Expressway-just feet from the Great neck High School. The van's driver didn't stop at the scene, just fled without even checking on Schlichting. His injuries were so severe that doctors couldn't save him.

Deadly Sanitation Truck Accident in Brooklyn Results in $15 Million Lawsuit

A man was killed late las year in a deadly sanitation truck accident in New York City. Now his surviving family members have filed a lawsuit against NYC Department of Sanitization for compensation for their loss. As tragic as this case is, it's unlikely that they'll get the total amount. In such cases the city will try to settle out of court. Like insurance companies, the City will look to pay much less on the claim depending on how early the negotiations commence. This allows the City to save legal fees; pay less and the distraught family members get at least some of the compensation they deserve for medical expenses, funeral costs, emotional trauma, and lost financial support much earlier than would have if they went through a long, drawn out lawsuit.

Civil Rights Violations in New York City Lead to Record-Breaking Settlement for Victims

It's no secret that the NYPD and the New York Corrections system has failed many victims in the past but a new report shows that in 2017 the city was forced to pay out a record-breaking amount to settle lawsuits and claims against law enforcement agencies in order to compensate victims unjustly detained, imprisoned, injured and convicted of crimes they didn't commit. Indeed, according to an annual report released by the NYC comptroller, the city paid out a staggering $308.2 million last year to victims and family members of those unfairly hurt by the justice system.

Construction Accident in Manhattan Sends Dangerous Debris Flying

A construction accident in Manhattan earlier this month sent debris tumbling at a jobsite along West 57th Street. According to investigation documents, at around 8PM on January 21st emergency crews were called to an unspecified accident at a lot in Manhattan. When they arrived, firefighters learned that an exterior elevator had somehow broken free and struck the side of the building while loaded with construction materials. The materials spilled from the swinging elevator platform and came crashing to the ground from a height of almost 30 stories.

Elevator Accident in Manhattan Left Woman Trapped for Days

A woman was rescued from a terrifying nightmare after an elevator accident in Manhattan left her trapped in the closet-sized car for three days. The woman, a cleaner employed in a Manhattan town house, became trapped on February 1st when the motor on the elevator she was riding in failed. She attempted to use the emergency phone inside the elevator to call for help but it too was malfunctioning.

Bicycle Accident in Manhattan Leaves Elderly Man Dead

A fatal bicycle accident in New York City month left an elderly cyclist dead. The victim, a 72-year-old, was struck by an uncaring and reckless driver on Eighth Avenue around 6 in the morning on February 4th. The crash happened near the intersection with 45th Street.

January - One of the Worst Months for Bicycle Accidents in New York City

So far this year has been a bad one for bicyclists in New York. The number of bicycle accidents in New York City in the first 30 days of 2019 has already topped 191. That figure is 20% higher than the number of bicycle accidents in New York over the same time frame last year. If this trend continues, 2019 could be the most dangerous year in recent history for cyclists in New York.

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