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Apartment Fire in New York City Leaves Man Seriously burned

A terrible apartment fire in Queens left one man seriously burned and several others suffering various injuries late last month. The blaze erupted in Long Island City just after 10PM in the first-floor apartment of a building located on 46th Avenue. Witnesses at the scene of the fire say they heard what sounded like an explosion and shortly thereafter began to see and smell smoke.

Subway Accident in New York City Leaves One Man Dead

A tragic subway accident in New York City earlier this week left one man dead. Reports from the scene show that a man was struck by the R train at the Court Street Station in Brooklyn on May 4th. It's unclear how the man made it onto the tracks but the incoming train was not able to stop in time and hit him.

Building Façade Falls on Pedestrian in Brooklyn

A partial building collapse in Brooklyn left one innocent person injured earlier this month. Bricks, mortar, and a sign came crashing down on a pedestrian as she walked past the Brooklyn building around 2PM on May 3rd. Residents rushed to her aid and EMTS arrived within minutes. The woman (who had been struck in the leg by falling debris) was treated at the scene.

Falling Tree Limb Accident in New York Kills Girl

A young girl was killed by a falling tree limb earlier this month while her poor mother stood witness. The 11-year-old victim was trapped inside an SUV struck by a falling tree. The tree was broken by wind kicked up during a severe storm that hit parts of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. This tragic tree limb accident in New York demonstrates the very real danger associated with high winds that many of us simply ignore.

Young Boy Killed in Fatal Automobile Accident in the Bronx

An 8-year-old boy was tragically killed after being struck by a minivan earlier this month. The fatal car accident in the Bronx happened as the boy was being driven home from school around 6PM in the evening. Witnesses heard the driver tell the boy to stay right where he was as she parked the vehicle. Somehow the driver "lost control" of the minivan and it raced forward, striking the child as it jumped the curb. Police suspect the driver inexperience could have played a role in the boy's death as the woman behind the wheel had just recently earned her driver's license. However, reports state that there were several other children in the van at the time of this terrible deadly car accident in the Bronx, so distraction could have also been a factor.While the parents have every right to bring a lawsuit for the child's death caused by this car accident in New York City, it is not without its share of problems. Firstly, pain and suffering is measured by the seriousness of the injuries and the length of time the person suffers after the accident. Since the child in this case only lived a short time after the accident, the insurance company will take the position that the case has little value because of the short period of pain and suffering. In addition, they will argue that since the child did not work, there is no lost income suffered by the family. This is the law and the insurance company knows very well how to hide behind it.In order to recover the maximum monetary compensation for the child's death and emotional pain suffered by the family, you need to seek out an experienced and qualified car accident attorney in New York City who knows how to argue these kinds of cases. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Nussin S. Fogel are experienced in prosecuting these cases both in a court of law and to the insurance company. Schedule your free consultation without any further delay. Call 800-734-933 or 212-385-1122 right now.

Partial Building Collapse in the Bronx Leaves One Injured

Pedestrians were sent scrambling when an awning and a large section of brick façade tumbled off the top of a pharmacy situated within a strip mall in the Bronx earlier this month. The partial building collapse in New York happened at around 1PM and caught everyone on the scene by surprise. Victims were forced to dodge falling debris and narrowly missed being crush by heavy brick.

Fatal Bicycle Accident in New York City Highlights Danger of "Right Cross" Accidents

Failure to yield the right of way to pedestrians and bicyclists is a leading cause of collisions in our city. A vast number of serious bicycle accidents in New York stem from drivers either not paying attention to cyclists or just turning without giving the cyclist the right of way. This kind of accident (referred to by cyclists as "right cross" collisions) was tragically demonstrated earlier this month when a man was struck and killed while crossing an entrance ramp to the Cross Bronx Expressway.

Unguarded Window Accident in Queens Leaves Toddler Seriously Injured

A two-year-old girl was seriously injured in an apartment accident in Queens earlier this month. The young girl somehow fell out the second-story window of an apartment and tumbled twenty feet to the ground below. Had she landed on the pavement below, she may have been killed instantly but, thankfully, she landed on a padded wooden doormat. It was just enough to break some of the momentum of her fall and likely saved her life. EMT's rushed the little girl to a nearby hospital where she was held for observation to ensure she wasn't suffering from unnoticed internal injuries or traumatic brain injury.

Expressway Shoulder Accident in New York Leaves Police Officer Seriously Injured

An off duty NYPD officer was left in serious condition after a car accident on the Long Island Expressway earlier this week. The officer had stopped his vehicle next to another and was walking along the shoulder when he was struck by a reckless driver. The crash occurred just after midnight near Brentwood. EMTs arrived within minutes and rushed the officer to a nearby hospital where he was listed in critical condition.

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