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Latinos at Much Higher Risk of Fatal New York City Construction Accidents

A recent review of the fatal fall data regularly collected by OSHA between 2003 and 2011 shows some shocking disparities between ethnicities across the country with even larger gaps present in New York City. The numbers show that while only 41% of construction workers in New York City identify themselves as Latino, these individuals account for a whopping 74% of all fatal construction accidents involving falls. The data also breaks down the damage by Borough: Queens and Brooklyn have the highest rates of Latino construction accident deaths (88% and 87% respectively).

Landlord Will Do Jail Time for Unsafe Condition at Bronx Apartments

Media outlets have dubbed James Caban "the worst landlord" in the Bronx for his underhanded tactics and failure to safeguard his tenants' basic safety by ignoring several New York City building code violations. Caban, a former NYPD officer who was terminated after a brutality scandal in 1997, owns 1547 Commonwealth Ave. The building is a 12-unit structure that has over 300 open violations and is currently ranked as one of the 200 most distressed buildings in the entire city. Building code violations include unsafe conditions in the apartments and the presence of toxic materials yet Caban has repeatedly failed to respond to tenant complaints and official reprimands from the city.

Drunk Driver Kills 2-Year Old in Queens

In a tragic string of New York auto accidents, 4 young children have been struck and killed by cars in the Five Burroughs within the last month. The latest accident claimed the life of 2-year old Jahir Figueroa. Jahir was crossing the Junction Boulevard in Queens on Friday, October 11th with his mother, 23, when a drunk driver failed to yield and struck the young child, killing him.

Toddler Killed In Queens Auto Accident

A three-year old was killed in a tragic auto accident on October 7th at the corner of Main Street and Cherry Avenue in Flushing Queens. Little Allison Liao was crossing the street with her grandmother when she was struck by a Nissan SUV as it made the left turn onto Main Street. Allison was knocked to the ground and the SUV wasn't able to stop in time. It rolled over her, killing her instantly.

Soho Motorcycle Accident Kills Driver

A horrific motorcycle accident in New York (the Soho neighborhood of Lower Manhattan) demonstrates the very real danger that riders put themselves in every time they take to the streets. At roughly 4:20 in the afternoon of August 21st, 32-year old Larry Olavarria "hit the throttle" in an apparent attempt to run a red light (according to at least one eyewitness) and slammed into a minivan at the corner of West Houston Street and La Guardia Place.

Defective Harlem Staircase Accident Causes Injures

Poor maintenance is being blamed for a bizarre accident in Harlem which ended with one man trapped in a collapsed stairwell and the residents of the "shoddy" building out on the street. On August 30th, 34-year old Charlie Vargas was climbing the defective staircase in a building located at East 104th St. in Harlem when the step under his foot simply crumbled. He fell through the hole that opened up underneath him and lay trapped until rescue workers arrived and were able to lift him out.

Did NYPD Cop's "Distracted Driving" Kill Brooklyn Teacher?

New eyewitness reports have come forth, shedding some light on the tragic death of middle school teacher, Felix Cross. Cross, 61, was struck and killed by an NYPD van driven by Officer Paula Medrano (assigned to the 88th precinct) on July 7th of this year. Cross was in a crosswalk on Hooper Street, crossing with the light, when he was hit. What first appeared to be a tragic accident now seems to be yet another New York City distracted driving accident.

High-Speed NYC Ferry Had History of Previous Accidents

A New York City ferry accident that caused dozens of injuries was just the latest in a series of mishaps for one fated vessel. A high-speed SeaStreak ferry that runs between New Jersey and the lower tip of Manhattan crashed into a pier at 12 knots per hour on January 9th after completing its second routine trip of the morning. The crash injured 83 people and put one man into critical condition with life-threatening injuries. While the boat's master blames mechanical failure for the accident, it's not the first time that this particular ferry has crashed.

Escalator Safety Feature Saves Boy's Hand

A scary New York escalator accident last winter, stopped one step short of tragic thanks to a fully operational safety feature as a 21-month old infant's hand got caught in a Barnes & Nobel Escalator. The boy, who was accompanied by an adult, tripped and fell while riding the escalator in the Broadway and 82nd street location. His hand somehow lodged in the mechanism and he was dragged up the escalator as witnesses watched in horror.

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