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Bicyclists Safer on NYC Streets In Spite of Horrific Taxi Cab Fatality

So far this year, the streets of New York City have proven safer for bicyclist compared to this time last season. That news may come as a shock to many especially with the increasing number of cyclists hitting the streets and tragic news stories such as the horrific tale of an accident which claimed the life of a 25-year old woman earlier this month.

Rikers Island Inmates Suffer Higher than Average Rates of Traumatic Brain Injury

A groundbreaking new study involving adolescent male and female inmates incarcerated at Rikers Island has uncovered some shocking news. These inmates suffer much higher rates of traumatic brain injury (sometimes called TBI) than the general population. After extensive medical examinations, doctors have concluded that roughly 50% of the male population inside the prison at any given time has suffered at least one traumatic brain injury (such as concussion). Female inmates were found to have even higher rates that peaked at 65%. When compared to the general population's TBI rate of just 8.5%, there is clearly an issue that law enforcement, corrections, and other legal personnel have been unaware of for decades.

Diving Accidents in New York City

We like to think that pool time is playtime but statistics show pools can be extremely dangerous. In addition to drowning accidents, the number of people injured or killed in diving accidents each year make pools one of the most deadly static recreational devices around. Many of those injured are young and suffer severe trauma that will affect them for the rest of their lives.

Safety Sweep at job sites Around New York Finds Over 900 Violations

Last month, a major safety sweep conducted by the offices of the New York City buildings commissioner uncovered a disturbing amount of violations at construction and worksites around the city. Officials visited 90 job sites as part of the 2013 safety sting and were shocked to discover that the majority of the job sites had at least one safety violation while multiple violations were spotted at several others.

Number of Injuries on NYC Roadways Dramatically Increased Over Last Year

Last year the number of pedestrians killed and injured on NYC roadways and streets declined from previous years in what many hoped was a sign of things to come. Unfortunately, that downward trend has not continued through 2013. In fact, New York is on track for a dramatic increase in pedestrian accidents over last year's numbers. According to the New York City Police Department's official statistics, fifteen people were killed in NYC traffic in April alone. That's compared to just 12 at this time last year.

Liability for Sidewalk Cellar Door Accidents

New York City sidewalks are notoriously hazardous. Cracked cement, potholes, icy patches - pedestrians can be at risk simply walking down the street. Of the many sidewalk hazards that exist, cellar doors are the cause of some of the most serious injuries.

Decorative Sidewalks and Walkways Increase the Risk of Trip and Fall Accidents

Decorative sidewalks and pathways are the latest trend in New York City. Office buildings, apartment complexes, department stores, and other such facilities are spending huge amounts of money to construct uniquely-styled walkways in an effort to avoid the ordinary and add charm to their exteriors. But in their rush to beautify their sidewalks, property owners may be overlooking an important consideration - pedestrian safety.

Boating Accidents in New York City

You don't normally associate boating accidents with New York City. Usually, when you think of accidents in the Big Apple, pedestrian or auto accidents come to mind. However, there are more than 22,000 boats registered in the Five Burroughs of New York City. Most are privately owned pleasure craft but there are also a large number of commercial boats as well (cargo ships, ferries, and tour boats).

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