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Second Bus-Related Bicycle Accident in New York City Kills Elderly Man

An elderly man was killed in a bicycle accident in Manhattan last week. This is the second such fatal bike crash in Chelsea involving a charter bus in as many weeks. (Earlier this month a 36-year-old investment banker was killed while riding a Citi Bike through the neighborhood.) In this case, 80-year-old Michael Mamoukakis was riding south along Seventh Avenue when he was struck by a bus at the intersection of West 29th Street.

Summer is Pool Time (So Be Safe)

When the temperature rises in the city, there's no better way to beat that heat than by hitting the pool. There are over 7,400 public swimming pools in New York to which city dwellers can escape but each and every one is a potential life taker if you're not prepared. And while public bathing facilities pose potential health hazards (especially to children), privately owned pools are responsible for the vast majority of drowning accidents in New York City.

Playground Safety Tips for Summer

Playgrounds are a wonderful place for kids to play and get rid of that extra energy they seem to have in abundance during the summer months but they can be dangerous too-especially if they're not properly maintained. Playground accidents in New York City caused over $20 million worth of injuries (a total of 577 claims) in 2015. But there are a few tips you can use to keep your little ones safer this summer.

Fall from Heights in Manhattan Puts Construction Worker in Critical Condition

A construction worker was rushed to the hospital in critical condition last week after falling nearly thirty feet and becoming wedged between an I-beam and a wall at a jobsite in Chelsea. The terrified man was rescued by first responders and immediately taken to the hospital where doctors fought to save his life. This latest near-fatal fall from heights in Manhattan comes as the mayor's office is in delicate negotiations with construction union leaders, hoping to finalize stricter training standards for construction workers in New York City.

Deadly Boating Accident in New York Caused by Crew Fatigue

The NTSB has released a much-awaited report concerning a deadly boating accident in the Hudson River in 2016. The crash occurred when one of the three tugboats pulling a 90-foot barge collided with construction equipment near the Tappan Zee Bridge. The collision left three people dead and family members struggling to find a reason for this seemingly avoidable crash.

Sidewalk Cellar Door Accident Leaves Legally Blind Woman injured

An elderly woman in New Jersey was severely injured after falling nearly six feet into the cellar of a building in Plainfield earlier this week. The 67-year old was walking down the sidewalk when she tripped over an open cellar door and fell head-first into the basement. The whole sidewalk cellar door accident was capture on video. The evidence clearly shows the individual working in the basement (repairing gas lines according to police) had failed to put up hazard notifications such as caution tape or cones.

Train Accident in New York Likely Caused by Excessive Speed

A train accident in New York that resulted in what officials are classifying as a "minor derailment" last week may have been caused by excessive speed. Initial reports from the Metro North derailment inquiry praised the slow speed of the train for reducing the risk to passengers and preventing any serious injuries, however, investigative reporters have uncovered an unnamed source who says data shows the train was actually speeding at the time of the crash.

Scaffolding Accident Brooklyn Kills Window Washer

A deadly scaffolding accident in Brooklyn claimed the life of a window washer early on the morning of May 18th. The man, whose name was not immediately released to the press, was working on scaffolding above the sidewalk at the corner of Jay and Johnson Streets in Brooklyn when he apparently fell after a misstep. He had been washing the windows of the NYU tech building moments before the fall but it's unclear exactly how the accident occurred.

Long Island Train Accident Results in "Minor" Derailment

A train on the LIRR suffered what officials classified as a "minor" derailment in Rye. The Metro-North train ran off the tracks late in the afternoon of Thursday May 18th, leaving passengers stranded and suffering minor injuries. The Long Island train accident occurred behind the Avon building at a busy interchange just after 5 PM. MTA reports show that several cars in the train "misaligned" during the afternoon commute as travelers were trying to get back home after the workday.

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