November 2015 Archives

Elevator Accident in Brooklyn Sends Man to Hospital

A Brooklyn man was seriously injured in an elevator accident in New York Monday. Paul Masdeau was travelling down in an elevator at 1 St. Paul's Ct. in Prospect Park South when the elevator car stalled inside the shaft. Stuck between the second and third floors, Masdeau called for help from inside the car before attempting to escape. Fearing for his life he tried to pry open the exterior elevator doors and ended up falling.

Vicious Dog Attack in New York Claims Life of 9-Year-Old Girl

A young girl was killed by an unrestrained Pit Bull in a vicious dog attack in New York early this month. Three young girls were playing in the backyard of a residence in Elmont when the dog attacked the little girl. An adult in the house tried to fend off the dog with a broom but simply could not overcome the powerful animal.

Review Board Agrees NYPD Officers Used Excessive Force in Tennis Pro Arrest

Another high profile case of excessive force in New York City may lead to the suspension or termination of a NYPD officer. After an investigation into the highly publicized arrest of ex tennis pro James Blake, the Civilian Complaint Review Board has determined that the arresting officer used excessive force when subduing Blake outside a Manhattan hotel last September.

Ceiling Collapse at Jobsite Injures Two Construction Workers

Falling objects at construction sites in New York are one of the most injurious types of accidents that workers face on a daily basis. This is a fact that two men learned the hard way on November 2. The individuals were working with a crew in the basement of a building located at 555 West End Avenue when the ceiling collapsed, trapping them.

Bicycle Accident in Brooklyn Leaves Man Struggling for Life

A terrifying bicycle accident in Brooklyn has left a young man fighting for his life. 27-year old Sean Benz was struck by not one but two vehicles while riding his bicycle between Bedford and Atlantic Avenues in Brooklyn on October 21st. Shockingly, both drivers simply drove away from the scene, leaving Mr. Benz lying on the pavement with 15 broken ribs, a dislocated hip, a broken arm, and broken collar bone.

Elevator Accident in Brooklyn Shuts Down Lifts Across New York City

A terrifying elevator accident in Brooklyn which killed an Israeli man earlier this month has resulted in the shutdown of elevators across New York City. On October 2, 37-year old Eran Modan was crushed to death in an elevator accident in Williamsburg while visiting friends in a swanky apartment building. Modan attempted to exit an elevator after it stalled between floors and was killed when the lift suddenly dropped, pinning him between the floor and the ceiling of the elevator.

Man Injured in Terrifying Manhattan Sidewalk Grate Accident

A terrifying sidewalk cellar door accident in Manhattan sent an unsuspecting pedestrian to the hospital with horrific injuries on October 15th. The man was simply walking past the McDonald's at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 34th Street when he stumbled and fell through an open sidewalk cellar door. He hit bottom 12 feet below street level and lay injured until rescue crews arrived.

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