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Landmark Corrections Officer Assault Case in New York Ends with 5 Rikers Island Guards Convicted

Rikers Island has a long history of inmate assault in New York City. As a result, there has been a concerted effort over the past couple of years to clean the jail facility up and keep inmates safe from corrections officer assault.

Car Accident in the Bronx Claims Life of Toddler

A tragic car accident in the Bronx has taken the life of a 3-year-old girl. The child was walking alongside her mother (who was pushing a younger sibling in a stroller) near the intersection of east 164th Street and Gerard Avenue when she was struck by a car and killed. The Bronx car crash happened at 8 AM. Eyewitnesses say the girl was in clear view just steps behind her mother when she was killed.

Deadly Truck Accident in New York Leads to Criminal Charges

A fatal truck accident in New York City has led to criminal charges against the driver. The victim, 29-year-old Heather Lough, was walking to work on April 27th when she was struck by a truck driven by 45-year-old Robert Owens. She was taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition and later died from her injuries.

People Narrowly Escape Injury in New York City Building Collapse

A building collapse in New York City happened just minutes after a waterfront park it sat in front of closed for the evening. According to a FDNY statement the timing really couldn't have been better--it happened when nobody was around. Had the building collapsed any sooner, the likelihood of injuries--possibly even fatalities--would have been much higher.

You're Twice as Likely to Die in a Bicycle Accident in New York City

Riding around on two wheels in rush hour traffic is dangerous as data from The CDC has verified. In fact, you're twice as likely to die in a bicycle accident in New York City than in a car crash. In fact, behind riding a motorcycle, bicycling is the most dangerous way to get around in New York.

Elevator Accident in New York Costs Worker His Arm

A horrific elevator accident in New York cost a lift technician his arm late last month. The unnamed individual was working on the elevator at an office building located in The Financial District on May 26th when people in the building heard a crash then "bloodcurdling" screams. Minutes later EMTs from the FDNY were seen rushing the man out of the building with bandages around the remainder of his arm and what appeared to be a large bucket of ice containing the severed limb.

Falling Tree Branch Accident in New York Sends Man to Hospital

Just last month a senior citizen was enjoying a stroll through the park when a tree branch fell on top of him, crushing him to the ground. Thankfully, he only suffered a broken leg but it could have been much worse. While tree branch accidents in New York are rare, they can cause significant injuries and even death. In 2013 Yingyi Li-Dikov, a thirty-year-old expectant mother, was killed by a falling tree branch in Flushing while sitting on a park bench.

Are Fraudulent Reports Causing Apartment Complex Accidents in New York?

Shady property owners have been putting tenants' lives in danger and risking deadly apartment complex accidents in New York City. That's the claim levelled against multiple owners and property management agencies by the citizen action group Community & Residents Protection Working Group. Last year, the organization reported that landlords across the city were filing fraudulent building permit requests, claiming that apartments were unoccupied during extensive renovations. Now, the city's Department of Buildings is investigating those allegations.

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