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Pedestrian Accident in Brooklyn Leaves Victim Hospitalized

Police are investigating a serious pedestrian accident in Brooklyn that left one victim hospitalized. The crash occurred in Sunset Park at the intersection of 39th Street and Fourth Avenue on January 21st. Rescue crews arrived to find the victim unresponsive on the pavement. The individual was rushed to nearby Lutheran Hospital with serious injuries.

Increase in Fatal Bicycle Accidents in New York City Highlights Need for Protected Bike Lanes

The Department of Transportation is responding to the increasing number of fatal bicycle accidents in Manhattan with an ambitious plan to install protected bike lanes along certain danger zones within the city. The need for some type of intervention is obvious. As the number of people who ride bicycles in New York City on a daily basis rapidly increases, so too does the number of people hurt or killed in bicycle accidents in New York.

Ceiling Collapse in Brooklyn Injures Two

A ceiling collapse in Brooklyn left two individuals seriously injured earlier this month. The pair were inside an apartment at a New York City Housing Authority property located in Crown Heights when a portion of the ceiling fell. Both of the victims were struck by falling debris. They were assessed at the accident scene and then transported to a nearby hospital by emergency responders.

Elevator Accident in Manhattan Injures Several People

Several people were injured when an elevator malfunctioned in Manhattan earlier this month. The five individuals were leaving a party at a four-story home on East 49th Street when the lift dropped an estimated four floors to the basement level. Unlike most elevator accidents in New York City, this particular malfunction occurred in a private home. Still, firefighters arrived on scene within minutes and extricated all of the injured individuals from the damaged lift car.

Subway Accident in New York City Leaves Worker Seriously Injured

A disturbing subway accident in New York City late last month left an New York City Transit worker seriously injured. The individual was riding on a "work train" in NYC's underground when-in the words of the MTA spokesperson-it "bumped into" another work train. The train accident occurred in the 53rd Street tunnel that travels between Manhattan and Queens.

Dangerous Sidewalks Plague New York City in the Winter

New York City did not get a reprieve from the record-breaking cold that gripped NYC in late December and early January and in fact went from the below freezing cold to a blizzard-like snow storm. Unfortunately, we are still in the midst of the prime time for icy sidewalk accidents in New York City. With every new snow fall and near zero temperatures mixing with sudden thaws, conditions are ripe for slip and fall accidents.

Raging Apartment Fire in Manhattan Injures Two and Displaces 14

An apartment fire in New York City sent two people to the hospital on Christmas Day. But rescuers say the individuals were lucky to get out alive. The fire, which was mostly contained to the top floors of the building (located at on 19th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan) was so intense that FDNY officials were worried the strong winds might spread it to neighboring structures.

Deadly Construction Accident in New York Caused by Improperly Secured Scaffolding

A construction worker was killed at a jobsite in Chelsea when a metal bracket came loose from scaffolding and hit him in the head. The deadly construction accident in New York City is just the latest in a long line of unnecessary and preventable "accidents" at jobsites around the city when the safety of workers is not taken seriously.

People Injured in Car Accidents in New York City Have a New Resource Available to Them

Hit-and-run car accidents in New York City have reached epidemic proportions with roughly 40,000 such collisions every year. In fact, there is one fatal hit-and-run car accident in New York City every week (on average). Finally the city has realized that far too many people are being hurt and far too many of the people responsible for these horrific crashes are going unpunished. The new hit-and-run alert system will help accident victims get the justice (and the financial compensation) they deserve.

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