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Construction Trench Collapse in New York Results in Manslaughter Charges

A construction trench collapse in New York that claimed the life of a 22-year old worker early this spring has resulted in manslaughter charges for two of the contracting companies that were in charge of the jobsite.

Elevator Accident in Brooklyn Kills an Israeli Man

An elevator accident in Manhattan at a luxury apartment building claimed the life of a 37-year-old Israeli man early this month. Eran Modan was visiting friends in The Espoir building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, when the elevator he was riding in stalled between floors. Eran was attempting to crawl out of the elevator when the brakes failed and the car suddenly dropped, crushing him between the roof of the car and the floor. His friends were able to free him and attempted mouth-to-mouth resuscitation but Mr. Modan succumbed to his injuries before emergency service crews arrived.

Search Continues for Cause of Deadly Building Explosion in Brooklyn

The relative quiet of a Saturday afternoon was torn apart by a massive building explosion in Brooklyn. The three-story structure on 13th Avenue in Borough Park, Brooklyn, opened up just after 1 PM on October 3rd in a ball of flame and a cloud of deadly debris. Eyewitnesses report black smoke rolling out of the structure blotting out the sun and casting the street into a false night-like darkness. Over 200 firefighters rushed to the scene to battle the flames and search for survivors. Their efforts were hampered by the sheer devastation that shut down an entire city block.

Tragic Elevator Accident in Staten Island Claims Life of New York City Teenager

A teenager exploring the abandoned Staten Island hospital complex on Castleton Ave. fell to his death in a terrible elevator accident in New York last week. The 16-year-old boy, Marcos Castillo, fell from the seventh story straight down an interior elevator shaft. The accident occurred at roughly 4:45 PM. Rescue workers rushed Castillo to Richmond University Hospital with severe trauma to his head. He was declared dead on arrival.

Construction Accident in Manhattan the Latest for Company with History of Safety Violations

Passersby were shocked by a spectacular construction accident in Manhattan late last month. A multi-ton crane toppled into the city street, crushing a NYPD van in the process. The massive tracked-vehicle, a "Casa Grande" drilling machine, was entering a construction site at West 30th Street and Sixth Avenue when the vehicle rocked backwards, nearly flipping over.

New York Bicycle Accident Claims Life of Bronx Man

Even as New York City embraces Vision Zero policies designed to eliminate all traffic fatalities within City limits, the number of pedestrians and cyclists killed by automobiles in New York continues to climb. We see more bike lanes, slower speed limits, more educational material, and even re-timed stop lights but is any of that actually doing what it was designed to do? Just last week a tragic bicycle accident in New York City claimed the life of a Bronx man. The individual, 59-year old commuter, was struck by a sedan while riding near the I-87 on ramp in Yonkers.

Rikers Island Violence Results in City Paying $150,000 Settlement

Rikers Island has earned a bad reputation for excessive force in New York City including civil rights violations and the creation a "culture of prisoner abuse" over the years but the latest black eye for the jail complex stems from a bizarre incident in 2011. Barry Crawford, a Queens resident, was visiting a relative during regular visiting hours when he claims Rikers Island guards beat him.

Man Killed in MTA Bus Accident in the Bronx

A night out on the town to celebrate a promotion at work turned tragic for a young man earlier this month. 23-year old Louis Inoa was killed in a tragic MTA bus accident in the Bronx early on the morning of September 18th. He and a friend had been out celebrating and were on their way home in a livery cab when Inoa became ill. He asked the driver to stop and exited the vehicle into the street when a BX1 MTA bus came down Kingsbridge Avenue. Inoa was struck by the bus and was caught under the right rear wheel.

Deadly Legionnaire's Disease Linked to Unclean Water Towers Could Be Making a Comeback

Legionnaire's Disease is making a comeback in the Bronx even as new laws put in place to help prevent such against negligent landlords in New York City.

Tenants Deem New York Landlord Negligent After Apartment Fire in Hamilton Heights

An allegedly negligent landlord in New York City is finding himself in hot water yet again. Several families displaced by an apartment fire in New York are filing suit against their landlord alleging that he was negligent in repairing the building and that negligence has prolonged their financial hardship. The building, located at 512W. 136th Street, was first brought to the attention of a judge in March when tenants filed multiple complaints about unsafe conditions at the apartments and their inability to return home. At that time, the court ordered the landlord to make repairs by a certain dates-all of which were ignored.

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