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Case of Wrongful Imprisonment in New York City Could Cost Millions

A frightening case of wrongful imprisonment in New York City could cost the city millions of dollars to settle. The case, stemming from a 22-year-old conviction, was filed late last year in a Manhattan court on behalf of Calvin Buari. Buari was arrested, tried, and convicted of a double murder in 1992. However, in 2017 new witness testimony exonerated him of the crime and his conviction was overturned. Unfortunately, Buari had spent 22 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

Construction Accident in Manhattan Sends Dangerous Debris Flying

A construction accident in Manhattan earlier this month sent debris tumbling at a jobsite along West 57th Street. According to investigation documents, at around 8PM on January 21st emergency crews were called to an unspecified accident at a lot in Manhattan. When they arrived, firefighters learned that an exterior elevator had somehow broken free and struck the side of the building while loaded with construction materials. The materials spilled from the swinging elevator platform and came crashing to the ground from a height of almost 30 stories.

Construction Accident in Manhattan Spurs Stop Work order

A jobsite on the Upper West Side was shut down last month after the Department of Buildings investigated a massive concrete spill at the site. The construction accident in New York City left 3 cubic yards of concrete-enough to fill the back of a pickup truck three times (roughly 600 gallons or roughly 12,000 pounds) spewed across the work site.

Fatal Apartment Accident in New York City Highlights Danger of Shoddy Maintenance

A 35-year-old woman enjoying a date with a young man was killed when she fell off an apartment building balcony and died five years ago last month. This shocking apartment complex accident made headlines at the time because of the tragic nature of the mishap but today it reminds us that all landlords not only have a legal responsibility to maintain our homes, they have a moral obligation as well.

Truck Accident in Brooklyn causes Thousands of dollars in Damages and Narrowly Avoids Injuries

A devastating truck accident in Brooklyn left a stretch of street looking like a warzone after the driver lost control earlier this month. The truck was traveling down Russel Street in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn around 3 in the morning on February 5th when it suddenly slid out of control and smashed into several parked cars, finally coming to rest against the façade of a family's home.

City May Be Partially to Blame for New York City Parking Lot Accident

A woman was seriously injured after falling into a pit in a parking lot and now NYC may be on the hook for her injuries. This New York City sidewalk accident happened after a snow plowing company dislodged a metal platform covering a cavern allowing access to an underground storage tank situated in a parking lot. While the parking lot in question was leased to a fitness club from the City of New York, the City may still end up being partially liable for the woman's medical expenses and lost wages.

Commercial Truck Accident in Queens Leaves 3 Injured

A terrifying commercial truck accident in Queens left three people injured earlier this month. The crash happened just before 1PM on January 28th. The armored truck appears to have run a stop sign. The massive truck then smashed into a BMW at the intersection of 115th Avenue and 200th Street. The truck was traveling at such a high rate of speed that it actually flipped over onto its side before coming to a stop on top of the BMW.

School Bus Accident in New York City Sends 9 to Hospital

Nine victims were rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment and observation after a violent school bus accident in Brooklyn late last month. The crash occurred at the intersection of East 22nd Street and Farragut Road in the Ditmas Park neighborhood of Brooklyn at around 8:30 in the morning.

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