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Learn the Right Way to Fall

City sidewalks can be a dangerous place. Every winter hundreds of New Yorkers are sent to area emergency rooms suffering from sprains, deep bruising, broken bones, and worse after slipping and falling on sidewalks. But if you learn a few tips you can learn to fall the right way and minimize your risk of serious injury, lost time from work and medical expenses.

Truck Accident in Queens Sends One to Hospital

Truck accidents in New York City seem to be more common these days. Large tractor trailers race down our highways while box trucks crowd our city streets. We can't stop the wheels of commerce from turning but the congestion and danger these big trucks create is enough to put any New Yorker on edge.

Case of Excessive Force in New York City Leads to a $600k Payout for Victim

The NYPD recently settled a civil rights lawsuit filed by the victim of an unnecessary pepper spray attack. Jateik Reed was filming an incident of alleged police brutality in New York City when he was sprayed in the face by one of the men, arrested on charges that were later dropped, and held against his will in a New York precinct house.

Wall Collapse Onto Cross Bronx Expressway Sends Tons of Bricks into Roadway

Commuters travelling along the Cross Bronx Expressway on January 13th narrowly avoided tragedy when tons of bricks broke free from the facade of a retaining wall and landed in the travel lane, narrowly missing cars. This wall collapse although not a typical example, is one of the dangers we and everyday commuters face on the roads and unsafe highways in New York City. Unfortunately, many bear the physical and emotional scars to prove it.

Fatal New York City Construction Accident on the Rise while Inspections Drop

A new report shows that the number of fatal construction accidents in New York City has dramatically increased over the past few years as the number of building site inspections has decreased. Experts say that the lack of oversite has allowed contractors and supervisors to become lax in their duty to protect workers.

Toddler Seriously Hurt in Fall from Queens Window

A two-year old child was rushed the hospital on January 13th suffering severe, life-threatening injuries after she fell out of a second-story window of a home in a Queens. EMTs arrived on the scene of the apartment accident in Queens to find the little one conscious and crying but bleeding from the face. She was taken to nearby Long Island Jewish Medical Center where she was listed as stable but in critical condition. While the infant is expected to make a full recovery, she will likely face lifelong disfiguring scars.

Young Boy Breaks Leg in School Bus Accident

A terrifying school bus accident that sent one child to the ER with a broken leg has parents everywhere questioning the safety of the adults with whom they trust their children. The child, whose name was not released to the media, was on a bus travelling through East Brunswick New Jersey on the morning of January 16th when the bus driver failed to stop in time and rear-ended a mass transit bus.

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