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Fatal Construction Accidents in New York City are Increasing

A new study found that the number of fatal construction accidents in New York City hit a 14-year high in 2016. After several years of stable (or even decreasing) numbers of deadly jobsite accidents in New York, the danger that workers find themselves in has exploded. Indeed, workers at jobsites across New York State die at much higher rates than almost anywhere else in the nation. With fatality rates 4.6 times higher in the construction compared to average jobs, it's clear that the industry does indeed need to rethink its commitment to safety and to examine what's causing this increase.

Construction Accident in Manhattan Claims Life of an Elevator Installer

A tragic construction accident in Manhattan last month claimed the life of a worker who was working inside the elevator shaft inside a building located at 111 E. 24th Street. Just after 9AM on January 23rd the 33-year old victim lost his balance and fell from the ninth floor of the jobsite. The worker was installing a car inside the shaft of the 12-story project (which is slated to become a new high-rise hotel).

Deadly Construction Accident in New York Caused by Improperly Secured Scaffolding

A construction worker was killed at a jobsite in Chelsea when a metal bracket came loose from scaffolding and hit him in the head. The deadly construction accident in New York City is just the latest in a long line of unnecessary and preventable "accidents" at jobsites around the city when the safety of workers is not taken seriously.

Scaffolding Accident in New York Leaves 5 People Injured

Imagine walking down the sidewalk one moment and the next being buried under a pile of steel and wood. That's what happened to a group of pedestrians in SoHo. Indeed, the sidewalk scaffolding accident in New York City disrupted traffic (including subway trains) and left 5 people suffering from a variety of injuries earlier this week. The upset occurred when winds ripped apart a scaffolding erected in front of a building at the intersection of Broadway and Prince in the SoHo neighborhood of New York. The piping and pieces of plywood crashed into the street and covered the sidewalk, blocking traffic and injuring several pedestrians.

6 Construction Workers Injured When Roof Collapses in Brooklyn

A construction accident in Brooklyn left six workers injured earlier this month. The men were working inside a vacant building which was undergoing extensive renovation when the roof of the apartment collapsed. The roof was fully loaded with cinder blocks and other building materials at the time it caved in. The weight of the debris came crashing down, smashing through every floor of the three-story building until finally coming to a stop in the basement. The collapse of cement, wood, and metal turned the interior of the apartment into a giant sinkhole.

Deadly Fall From Heights in New York Kills Installation Technician

A construction worker was killed earlier this month in a deadly fall from heights in Corona. The 60-year old man was installing the roof unit of a solar system on top of an apartment building when he slipped and fell to the pavement below. The victim was rushed to nearby Elmhurst Hospital but he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Construction Accident in Queens Traps Worker under Falling Equipment

A terrifying construction accident in New York City left one worker trapped under a small front-end loader at a jobsite in Queens late last month. The individual was working at the future home of a subway ventilation installation located on Northern Boulevard in Queens near the intersection of 46th Street when a piece of machinery (a Bobcat) fell on top of him. The victim was pinned underneath the machine and his fellow workers were unable to rescue him. A NYFD team of responders arrived within minutes and performed a difficult "high-angle" rescue requiring ropes, taking nearly a half an hour to safely remove the injured worker.

Separate Construction Accidents in New York Kill 2 Workers

It's no secret that construction is a dangerous job but any time the pressure to meet a deadline or come in under budget outweighs the safety of individuals accidents are bound to happen. Unfortunately, that truth was illustrated with tragic clarity late last month as two separate fall from heights accidents in New York City killed two workers in one day.

Injuries Narrowly Avoided in Construction Accident in Manhattan

A large steel plate that was being lifted up the side of a building under construction in Manhattan came crashing down to the sidewalk below earlier this week, terrifying passersby and causing construction at the "mega site" to be halted for hours while investigators puzzled over this nearly disastrous construction accident in New York City.

Scaffolding Accident in Queens Leaves Six Injured

Six construction workers were rushed to the hospital after a scaffolding accident in Queens last month. The men were working at a jobsite in Long Island City at 42-20 27th Street where a new building is being erected. They were five floors above ground level when the scaffolding beneath them collapsed just before 11 on the morning of June 26th. The crew was pouring concrete at the time of the crash-likely using a crane boom in the process-but an immediate cause has yet to be determined.

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