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Alleged NYC Police Brutality in the Lower East Side

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2011 | Prisoner Assault

Most New York citizens are familiar with the City’s police brutality problem. Many people know a friend, family member or colleague who has suffered from NY police misconduct, yet the systematic problem continues. In fact, a recent, large-scale episode of alleged police brutality occurred just days ago in the Lower East Side.

Last week, a CD-release party was underway at Tammany Hall on Orchard Street; a large crowd gathered outside the club entrance. Police arrived on the scene, due to “overcrowding”. The police claim that a man refused to leave the area so they attempted to arrest him. They state that he resisted arrest and the crowd began to throw objects at the officers. In contrast, some eyewitnesses claim that the crowd outside Tammany Hall was peaceful until police arrived and made things chaotic.

Regardless of whose side you believe, recorded video shows a group of police officers repeatedly punching a man in the head and torso. One officer appears to be striking the man with a baton or nightstick. The melee eventually ended with the arrest of five people.

Police Misconduct has Gotten Federal Attention

Pres. Obama and the Department of Justice (DOJ) have noticed the serious police brutality problem across the nation. The Atlanta Post reports that the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ is currently investigating consistent patterns of police misconduct in several cities.

It’s obvious there is a serious problem involving the culture of acceptable police conduct in many of the nation’s cities, including New York. The fact that the federal government needs to step in to “police the police” evidences just how bad the problem is. In today’s world, instances of police misconduct and corrections officer assault are simply unacceptable.

If you have been the victim of police misconduct or prison abuse, contact a personal injury attorney experienced in handling brutality cases. A skilled lawyer can ensure that your claim is taken seriously and inform you of any legal avenues to recovery you may have.

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