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The Most Dangerous Roads For Pedestrians in New York City

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2013 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents

Nearly three New Yorkers die every week on the city’s streets from automobile/pedestrian collisions. Those figures come from data collected from across the Tri-State area which shows just over 450 pedestrians were killed after being struck by automobiles on New York City streets over the last three years. Though the overall number of auto accidents is down from past years it’s still far too high. DOT officials and individuals municipalities across the region have stepped up their game in order to make walking on New York’s streets safer for everyone, but more work remains.

The data, broken down by region and road, showed that once again the section of Broadway stretching through Manhattan comes out on top. The Great White Way was the site of a total of 12 fatalities within the last three years. In fact, that number puts Broadway second on the list behind only the Hempstead Turnpike near Fulton Avenue in Nassau County for the number of pedestrians killed by automobiles in New York.

Collected by the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, the statistics came from police investigations and public records across Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York. Adults and the elderly at most at risk for pedestrian accidents but a number of children have been killed as well.

The City has attempted to make Broadway’s pedestrian areas safer by adding pedestrian plazas, lane closures, and other “traffic calming” measures but for the most part those attempts have been limited to the southern end of Broadway. Pedestrians north of 96th Street are still in the most danger. All but one of the fatalities reported during the three-year time frame were located on that section of street

New York City’s Most Dangerous Streets by Borough

In the Bronx, 80 pedestrians died as a result of motor vehicle accidents and its end of Broadway claims the title for most dangerous road with 5 pedestrian deaths over three years.

In Brooklyn Ocean Parkway claimed the lives of 6 individuals making it the most dangerous road. However, Brooklyn tops all of the other boroughs with 132 fatalities during the three years in question.

Manhattan streets are the third-most deadly with 93 fatalities between 2009 and 2011.

Woodhaven Blvd. in Queens is the deadliest second deadliest street in New York, claiming the lives of 7 pedestrians. Overall, 125 foot-travelers died on Queens’ streets.

Staten Island was the safest of the five boroughs with only 21 fatalities reported. Richmond Avenue claims the title of deadliest street in Staten Island with just pedestrian deaths 3 reported.

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