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Don’t Settle For Less

More New York City Construction Workers Killed by Falls than Any Other Hazard

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2013 | Construction Accidents

New York City construction workers are at risk every day for the number one jobsite killer: falls from heights. Rooftops, scaffolding, elevated platforms, open windows, and unguarded stairwells or elevator shafts all represent very real hazards in the workplace. OSHA statistics show that more New York City construction workers are killed by falls from heights than any other job-related accident.

The most deadly types of fall include:

Ladder and scaffolding accidents

• Falls from equipment (such as boom buckets, etc.)

Falls through floors

These construction accidents top OSHA’s “Fatal Four” most deadly jobsite accidents. By ignoring or bypassing standard safety procedures severe injury, lifelong disability, paralysis, or even death could result.

Falls from Ladders Can Kill New York Construction Workers

Indeed, even something as simple as a fall from a collapsible ladder can kill. The risk is so high that OSHA created a ladder safety pamphlet entitled “Falling Off Ladders Can Kill: Use Them Safely” to highlight this commonplace danger that goes unnoticed far too often.

Using four simple questions can help you decide if a ladder is the best tool for the job:

1) Will you have to hold/manipulate heavy objects?

2) Will you have to employ a long and unstable ladder to reach?

3) Will you be on the ladder for a long time?

4) Will you have to stand sideways or twist?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, OSHA officials recommend using alternative equipment such as a scissor lift.

Not All Fatal Construction Falls are from Heights

Some fatal falls are from ground level. In August of this year, a Verizon telecommunication worker was nearly killed when he fell 20 feet through an open manhole in Manhattan. It took rescue workers forty minutes to pull the injured 47-year old worker out. Just days prior, another Verizon worker fell down a manhole on Long Island.

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