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Don’t Settle For Less

Skiing – Safe but Sometimes Dangerous Wintertime Recreation

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2014 | Recreational Accidents

Thousands of New Yorkers break out the skis when the snow falls but many underestimate the danger they’re putting themselves in every time they step into their bindings. Statistics show there are, on average, 41 skiing fatalities per year (though 2011 saw 54). However, there are hundreds of moderate to severe skiing accidents in New York and across the country resulting in injuries requiring hospital visits and/or extensive treatment and recovery time.

In fact, data collected by the National Ski Areas Association shows that roughly 500 “serious” accidents occur every year. These “serious” skiing accidents include paralysis and head trauma which can have lasting, even life-long effects on the victim and their family.

When most New Yorkers think of skiing accidents, they assume the skier took a spill. While these types of accidents can result in broken bones, sprained joints, and torn muscles, they don’t represent the only dangers on the slopes. Skiing accidents aren’t limited to simple falls. In fact, a significant number of skiing accidents ending with injuries serious enough to require at least a visit to the local ER include:

•· Collisions involving other skiers and/or snowboarders

•· Ski lift accidents

•· Collisions with snowmobiles and grooming equipment

•· Equipment failure accidents (including binding malfunctions)

Indeed, The Daily Mail reports that binding failure may have contributed to the high profile skiing accident that put formula one driver Michael Schumacher in a coma.

Such injuries can cost a family hundreds or even thousands of dollars and many think there’s no way they can recoup that money. However, a skiing accident attorney may be able to help do just that. If the accident was caused by negligence, injured individuals could successfully sue for compensation for their injuries.

Such negligence could include:

•· Failing to properly mark ski trails

•· Failing to mark stationary or mobile equipment

•· Failing to properly inspect equipment (including rented skis or snowboards)

Additionally, if your injuries were caused by another skier on the slope, they could be held responsible if their actions were unsafe or reckless. For instance, if a skier slams into you while travelling at an excessive speed or is engaged in “stunt” skiing outside of approved areas, you could seek compensation from them.

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