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Don’t Settle For Less

Experts Warn of Alarming Rate of Concussions Caused by Playground Accidents in New York

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2016 | Playground Accidents

After years of denial by the experts, new data shows that not only do minor falls result in concussion, those concussions often go untreated. CDC data also shows that the number of children who suffer concussion from falls related to playground accidents in New York City is on the rise.

When researchers examined traditional medical reporting methods, they found the professionals often overlook concussions in children when they’ve also suffered another injury (like a broken bone). This can result in long-term effects because a child’s brain is still very delicate and still under development. One study found that it can take up to two years for a child’s brain to heal after a concussion so any head injury could potentially have lifelong aftereffects.

Children who suffer concussions are more likely to grow into adolescents with emotional problems, along with other neurological impairments.

While we often think of concussions like in football and other contact sports, the vast majority of concussions in young children are actually caused by falls from play equipment. Even minor playground accidents in New York City could result in concussions because it only takes a small amount of force to “slosh” a child’s brain back and forth in their skull.

Playground safety equipment doesn’t provide 100% protection either. In fact, most play equipment regulations across the world only require play surfaces to reduce the risk of skull fracture and brain injury to 10% at the time of installation. Over time, even with regular maintenance, play surfaces can compress or even decompose, thereby affording little or no protection at all.

It is the playground owner’s responsibility to inspect and repair a defective play surface. Private individuals, municipalities or organizations can be held liable for a child’s injuries because of a failure to inspect, maintain and repair the playground surface and equipment.

What to Do if Your child is Injured.

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