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Don’t Settle For Less

N.J. Crash highlights the Risk of Deadly Bus Accidents in New York City

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2016 | Diving Accidents

Most of the fatal bus accidents in New York City victims are pedestrians and bicyclists who are struck and injured or killed because the drivers of these multi-ton vehicles simply don’t see them. However, as one chaotic bus accident in Newark demonstrates, even passengers on public transportation are not immune.

On August 19th, two commuter buses collided in Newark, New Jersey-right in the heart of that city’s downtown area. Photographs from the accident scene show one bus tilted on its side and bent in the middle-evidence of the tremendous force with which the two vehicles collided. The crash killed one driver and a passenger and injured over a dozen others.

Rescue crews arrived at the scene within minutes and transported 17 people to nearby hospitals; six of whom were listed in critical condition.

One of the bus drivers may have run a red light. Eyewitnesses are being questioned and investigators are looking for any nearby camera footage to determine who is at fault for this deadly bus accident.

In New York City, the public bus system is operated by the MTA. Their drivers are held to high standards but nobody can prevent human error when multi-ton buses are expected to weave in and out of heavy commuter traffic.

The New Jersey crash shows just how horrific the damage can be when higher speeds are involved. A commuter bus can easily become a wrecking ball, smashing through taxi stands, storefronts, and other vehicles.

At-fault parties can be held financially responsible for the victim’s injuries. Firstly, injured victims are entitled to no-fault benefits for medical/hospital bills, health related expenses and lost wages (up to $2,000 a month) from the insurance company for the vehicle they occupied at the time of the accident. In addition, injured individuals may sue for pain and suffering for their injuries, unpaid medical bills and lost income – past, present and future.

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