Don’t Settle For Less

Don’t Settle For Less

Manhattan Dog Attack Leave Infant and Woman Scarred for Life

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2016 | Animal Attacks

A woman was doing laundry while babysitting her friend’s infant son in the laundry room of an East Harlem apartment building late last week when an uncontrolled pit bull viciously savaged both of them. This terrifying dog attack in New York City left both the woman and the child with severe bite wounds and emotional trauma. The 16-month-old boy was bit in the face and the woman’s leg was mauled as she tried unsuccessfully to get the dog off the child.

A neighbor heard the screams and came running but was unable to stop the attack and was forced to kill it.

The babysitter suffered several puncture wounds on her lower leg while the child’s lip was nearly torn off. Both were rushed to a nearby hospital where they immediately underwent emergency surgery to stop the bleeding and repair the damage.

This story, as scary as it is, is typical of dog attacks in New York City. Large, powerful dogs left unchecked and unchained attack young children and women-helpless victims-biting repeatedly and flying into frenzies that often end with severe injuries and a dead animal.

In New York City the owners of out-of-control dogs can be and can be held liable for their animal’s actions.

While money can’t repair the tremendous emotional scarring left by being mauled, it can help pay for expensive medical treatment, cosmetic surgery to repair grievous wounds, and therapy (both physical and emotional) to help victims return their lives.

But often times the only way to get all of the compensation a victim deserves is to pursue legal action. Navigating the confusing world of insurance claims and civil lawsuits can be next-to-impossible for an average person. That’s why victims should always seek professional help from a New York City dog bite attorney.

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