Don’t Settle For Less

Don’t Settle For Less

Learn the Right Way to Fall

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2017 | Premises Liability

City sidewalks can be a dangerous place. Every winter hundreds of New Yorkers are sent to area emergency rooms suffering from sprains, deep bruising, broken bones, and worse after slipping and falling on sidewalks. But if you learn a few tips you can learn to fall the right way and minimize your risk of serious injury, lost time from work and medical expenses.

Always Protect Your Head

Head trauma is among the most serious injuries suffered by victims of icy sidewalks in New York City. It can lead to anywhere from a simple bruise or laceration to broken bones or brain damage. Protect your head by turning your body and falling on your side; rather than face-first or backwards and tuck your head into your chest.

Don’t Use Your Hands or Knees

It’s a natural impulse to try and stop a fall by reaching out. However, falling on outstretched hands dramatically increases the risk of broken bones. Instead tuck your arms in and turn while you fall so you land on the “fleshiest” parts of your body-upper arms, thigs, buttocks.

Falling directly on your knees can cause a serious injury such as a shattered kneecap. Again, turn into the fall so you take the impact on your thigs and rump rather than any bony protuberance.

Multiple Points of Impact Are Best

The idea behind “rolling into a fall” is that your body actually makes contact with the ground which spreads out the force of the fall-rather than concentrating the force on one body part. Soldiers, and gymnasts are trained to fall this way in order to avoid injury.

If you slip and fall on icy sidewalks in New York City, or a defect in sidewalk, pathway or floor the property owner (even the city) is legally responsible. You need legal representation to get every penny you deserve for your pain and suffering, present and future lost earnings and unpaid medical expenses. Contact an experienced New York City sidewalk accident attorney immediately.