Number of Fatal Bicycle Accidents in New York City Remains Stable for Nearly 20 Years

Data collated by dna info shows that the overall number of fatal bicycle accidents in New York City has remained relatively level for nearly the last twenty years. That statistics has left many asking "are the city's safety measures really having the intended effect?"

In just the past three years, the city has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and workhours on multiple safety improvements across the city including dedicated bike lanes, slow zones, and increased policing. The public outreach campaign accompanying these infrastructural changes is designed to create a more bicycle-centric mentality in New York - a trait that exceedingly safe areas around the globe like Sweden and San Francisco tout as being essential.

However, since 1999 the total number of fatal bicycle accidents in New York City has remained close to the average - spiking one year then dropping the next.

So what's behind this stagnant statistic?


The total number of people who ride bikes in New York City has ramped up dramatically - outpacing accident stats faster than even the most enthusiastic cyclist could dream of. Cycling has simply exploded in NYC, fast becoming the preferred method of transportation for a growing number of city dwellers. In fact around 45,000 people commuted via bicycle every day in 2015. That's up from roughly 31,000 in 2012. Compare that to 1990 when roughly 10,000 people commuted on bikes and you can truly see the difference.

Regardless of how safe the city tries to make its streets, the danger is still very real. If you've been injured by a reckless or distracted driver while riding in NYC, contact an experienced New York City bicycle accident attorney to get the legal help you need. Call the Law Offices of Nussin S. Fogel at 800-734-9338 or 212-385-1122 to schedule your free consultation.

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