Pedestrian Accident in Brooklyn Leaves Victim Hospitalized

Police are investigating a serious pedestrian accident in Brooklyn that left one victim hospitalized. The crash occurred in Sunset Park at the intersection of 39th Street and Fourth Avenue on January 21st. Rescue crews arrived to find the victim unresponsive on the pavement. The individual was rushed to nearby Lutheran Hospital with serious injuries.

There's no word yet on whether NYPD will charge the driver of the vehicle with a criminal offense. This latest pedestrian accident in New York happened just before 5 in the morning-roughly ½ hour before sunrise. It's likely that low visibility may have played a part in the crash but that does not negate the driver's liability.

While a jury must take into account the actions by both the driver and pedestrian, the traffic law is very clear and states that drivers must yield to pedestrians lawfully crossing in the crosswalk and with the green light. Even if the pedestrian is not crossing in the crosswalk or with the light, the driver has the obligation to see what is there to be seen and avoid the accident if at all possible. Unfortunately, many times when drivers say they simply didn't see a pedestrian, the truth is that they were either not paying attention to the road, speeding or distracted by texting or speaking on their phones.

Only an experienced pedestrian accident attorney in New York City has expertise to gather all the facts and collect sufficient evidence to prove that the accident victim was not to blame and that the driver should be held responsible for the pedestrian's injuries. Only a skilled attorney will be able to maximize the settlement and if necessary obtain a jury verdict sufficient to compensate the injured party for his or her injuries, lost time from work, both past and future and all related out of pocket expenses.

To get the compensation you deserve,, contact the experienced New York City pedestrian accident lawyers at the Law Offices of Nussin S. Fogel today. C all 800-734-9338 or 212-385-1122 without any further delay.

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