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Subway Accident in New York City Leaves Man with Minor Injuries

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2018 | Subway Accidents

A man was injured late last month after being struck by a subway train in the Financial District. The early morning subway accident in New York City left the 29-year-old victim pinned beneath the train’s second car of the southbound J Train for twenty minutes while rescue crews tried feverishly to extract him without doing more damage. 

This isn’t the first time a subway accident in New York City has occurred at the Fulton Street Station.

  • Emergency crews were called to Fulton Street earlier this year (in July) when a train hit two individuals.
  • A month prior, a large chunk of the ceiling collapsed, narrowly missing passersby as it smashed to the floor below.
  • Last year (2018) a woman was struck in the head by an oncoming train while looking down the tracks.

This list of subway accidents at New York’s Fulton Street Station has led many to label the junction as one of the city’s most dangerous subway stations.

This latest subway accident in the Financial District was non-fatal. Indeed, the man was taken to nearby Bellevue Hospital with minor injuries to his foot. Amazingly, he escaped serious injury in a situation that could have easily resulted in his death.

For its part, the MTA is relatively diligent when it comes to subway patron’s safety. However, the agency has not installed safety mechanisms to keep people away from platform edges. The poor conditions at many of its stations (poor lighting, crumbling walls, ceilings, and stairways) are difficult not to notice.

However, if an MTA employee’s negligence plays any part in a subway accident, the victims have the right to seek financial compensation. This legal liability extends to cover injuries caused by train operators if a patron is struck by a subway car or maintenance workers, station inspectors and porters in the care and maintenance of the subway stairways and platforms.

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