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Elderly Woman Killed in Pedestrian Accident in New York City

On Behalf of | May 15, 2019 | Pedestrian Accidents

A fatal pedestrian accident in New York City late last month claimed the life of an elderly woman as she was returning home from a late night mass. The pedestrian accident on Staten Island resulted in an extensive search for the driver-who fled the scene of the crime.

89-year-old Anastasia Diaz had just exited a bus with her sister on Bradley Avenue on Staten Island at around 10:30 PM on April 21st when she was struck by a passing car. The car, a dark sedan, continued on without stopping or slowing down. EMTs arrived on scene within minutes but the victim was already in cardiac arrest when they arrived. Multiple attempts to resuscitate the woman failed. She was declared dead upon arrival at a nearby hospital.

NYPD detectives canvassed the area and secured video footage from multiple cameras in the area to piece together evidence and identify the car and driver who struck the woman. After a lengthy investigation they identified the 74-year-old man and arrested him. He was charged with three crimes:

· Two counts of fleeing the scene of an accident involving bodily injury

· One count of tampering with evidence.

Prosecutors say that the man took his car to a body shop the very next day and had damage repaired-allegedly to cover up his crime. Defense attorneys say the man had no idea that he had struck anyone.

Regardless of the outcome of the criminal proceedings, the family of the deceased victim could potentially hold the man liable for monetary damages associated with the loss of their loved one including medical and funeral expenses. If Ms. Diaz was still working and supported members of her family, the family could also recover the lost financial support that was contributed to the household.

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