Don’t Settle For Less

Don’t Settle For Less

New Sexual Harassment Regulations in New York Aim to Prevent Victimization

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2020 | Sexual Harassment

With an ever-increasing number of sexual harassment lawsuits in New York City, legislators at both the state and local level have created tougher regulations designed to increase compliance with ethical standards and decrease the number of people who experience victimization. Not only are there tougher penalties, clearer definitions, and additional training outlined in these new rules, there’s also a move toward more enforcement of existing regulations in New York and throughout the United States.

The biggest change the New Yorkers will see is that the definition of sexual harassment has been somewhat relaxed in order to take the burden of proving harassment off the shoulders of the victims. Indeed, prior to this legislative change, harassment had to be “severe or pervasive” within a company. That, however, is no longer the case. This can make proving harassment easier and can lower the threshold for what companies must consider harassment.

In addition, in order to protect even more individuals, new state legislation makes it mandatory that employers post information pertaining to sexual harassment in visible locations and translate that information into multiple languages.

Proper sexual harassment training can run mid- to large-sized companies between $20,000 and $50,000 per year. That figure pales in comparison to the impact sexual harassment can have on a victim’s life and the settlement or award a victim could potentially win after filing a sexual harassment claim in New York. These monetary amounts can include:

· Back pay (wages lost due to harassment)

· Front pay (potential future earnings lost because of termination or leaving a position)

· Punitive damages (associated with pain and mental anguish)

Victims of severe sexual harassment have been awarded substantial sums because of the true financial and emotional impact on their lives.

If you’ve been victimized at work by unwanted sexual advances or physical or verbal abuse, you can hold your employer financially liable for the their actions. Contact an experienced sexual harassment lawyer in New York City today. Call the Law Offices of Nussin S. Fogel at 800-734-9338 or 212-385-1122 for your free and confidential consultation.