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Don’t Settle For Less

Number of E-Bike Accidents in New York City Skyrockets

by | Jul 19, 2021 | Bicycle Accidents

Last year, the number of e-bikes on city streets increased dramatically. So did the number of e-bike accidents in New York City. According to one report by the New York Post, the number of accidents involving e-bikes rose more than 230%. Here is what you need to know and do if you’re the victim of an e-bike accident in New York City.

The Growing Danger of E-Bike Accidents in Manhattan

In 2019, there were just 6 e-bike accidents in New York City reported to authorities throughout the entire year. In 2020 that number shot up to 20. That might not sound like a lot but It is an increase of 233% in just 12 months—making these types of collisions one of the fastest-growing personal injury accidents.

Sadly, almost half of those 20 accidents (eight in total) involved fatalities. Two of those deadly e-bike accidents in New York City claimed the lives of pedestrians who were struck by reckless e-bike riders.

New York Updates E-Bike Legislation

In June, New York City passes new regulation of e-bikes in the face of the increasing number of accidents they have been involved in. While this new regulation is actually designed to make enforcement of e-bike laws more equitable, it may help victims in e-bike accidents when proving their case against an e-bike driver.

Determining liability is critical in every accident case and an e-bike accident case in New York City is not going to be any different. What may be different in these cases, is the insurance question. Are these e-bikes privately owed or owned by a business (many of these are delivery vehicles)? The answer will play a big part whether or not there’s going to be insurance.

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