Improper Safety Gear Contributed to Fatal Construction Accident in Manhattan

The hardworking individuals who build our vertical city put their lives on the line every day high above city streets. That's a fact that one family learned the hard way last month when the owner of a glass installation company fell 47 stories to his death in a tragic construction accident in Manhattan.

Bruno Travalja was working on a high rise at 135 West 52nd street when a split-second decision caused him to fall over the edge. Eye witnesses say that Travalja tried to stop construction material from falling-potentially hurting workers and pedestrians far below-and was pulled over himself.

An investigation into this tragic fall from heights in Manhattan revealed that the victim was indeed wearing a safety harness-as is standard practice-but the harness wasn't attached to anything at the time of the fall. This is a violation of the New York Labor Slaw which requires the use of appropriate safety equipment to protect workers from these kinds of accidents.

Since Travalja's harness should have been secured at the time of his fall, the property owner and general contractor for the project can be held absolutely liable for Travalja's tragic death under the New York labor law. These entities can be sued for Travalja's future lost income that would have gone to support his family along with funeral expenses and unpaid medical bills.

In the aftermath of similar construction accidents in New York City, grieving family members have been able to seek financial compensation for their losses. While money will never bring a lost loved one back, it can help alleviate the financial stress of the loss of income.

Only a skilled and competent attorney will know how to invoke the full power of the New York Labor Law so that the family will obtain all the compensation the family is entitled to.

If you've been injured after a fall from heights in New York or have lost a loved one on a jobsite there is help. Contact an experienced construction accident lawyer today. Call The Law Offices of Nussin S. Fogel at 800-734-9338 or 212-385-1122.

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