New Landlord Watch List Shines Light on New York's 100 Worst Landlords

It's no secret that some of the landlords in New York City spend as little as they can on the upkeep of their apartment complexes. But these cheapskate landlords are putting the lives of their tenants at risk. Every year apartment complex accidents in New York City send hundreds of unsuspecting victims to the hospital suffering from falls, injuries caused by ceiling collapses, electrical burns from faulty wiring, and respiratory problems caused by toxic mold growth. Landlords have a responsibility to keep their tenants reasonably safe.

Recently a watchdog group released the latest version of its annual "100 Worst Landlords" list. These are the individuals whose buildings have the highest number of Department of Buildings and Department of Housing Preservation and Development violations out of all the residential apartment complexes in New York City. In addition to neglecting tenant complaints, some of these landlords have been charged with harassing tenants in order to stop them from requesting repairs.

One of this year's "worst" landlord owns eight buildings with a total of 575 apartment units. Those units have racked up over 2,082 violations-that's an average of more than three violations per apartment!

When considering an apartment, prospective tenants and tenant advocacy groups can use this reporting tool to see just how bad conditions are in certain apartment complexes and which landlords avoid making necessary repairs.

Tenants that are involved in apartment complex accidents in New York City can rely on NYC's premises liability laws for protection. If you've repeatedly requested that a dangerous condition be fixed and then suffer an injury because your landlord has failed to make the repair, regardless of whatever fines and actions the landlord is facing from city agencies, tenants have the right to file lawsuits to seek financial compensation for their injuries.

But getting the adequate compensation you deserve can prove to be very difficult without an experienced New York City apartment complex lawyer on your side. Protect your rights. Call The Law Offices of Nussin S. Fogel for a free consultation at 800-734-9338 and 212-385-1122 today.

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